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Scumbag Steve Goes From Meme To Spokesperson

While you know him better as Scumbag Steve, Blake Boston is a living example of how to exchange Internet fame (infamy?) into real world financial gain. After finding his Internet fame via the Reddit collective, Scumbag Steve is about to appear in an ad campaign for Pepsi’s Brisk iced tea. It should be noted that the ad campaign finds Pepsi …

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Google Glasses As Interpreted By A Meme-Fueled Internet

I absolutely love Project Glass, Google’s smart glasses project. While the concept itself is exciting enough, the potential uses in the future for the device are pretty awesome. From being a Terminator to playing Battlefield 5 in an empty lot, the potential is limitless. The latest concept/parody video might be the most truthful of all the videos though as it …

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Smithsonian Institute Tracking Internet Memes

Is the Smithsonian Institute in the process of making themselves into a brick-and-mortar version of Internet Archive, or are they simply trying to produce an article that gets good pageviews? Considering their “Most Popular” articles section is nestled inside these articles, it’s unknown whether or not these posts will equate to live exhibits, but they are succeeding in the pageviews …

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