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Google Apps Ends Support For Internet Explorer 9

Are you still using Internet Explorer 9? It’s not exactly a dead browser yet as Microsoft still officially supports it, but Google Apps has turned its back on it. In an announcement today on the Google Apps blog, the company says that it is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 9. It’s nothing personal as Google says it only supports …

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This Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Might Be Too Honest

Microsoft has made some decent commercials for its Internet Explorer 9 browser. The latest was an artsy tour-de-force that featured rave reviews from multiple publications praising the browser’s ease of use and beautiful simplicity. What if all that praise was just hyperbole, or worse, paid off? What if the commercial was actually honest about the product it was selling? The …

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Huge Pac-Man Game Chomps at IE 9

It’s becoming quite common nowadays to show off when a discussing Internet browsers, especially when they launch. From Mozilla’s love of infographics and cool-looking maps, to Google’s use of “pop-up” reminders for visitors who show up sporting anything but Chrome, the browser war is every bit a display of who can pimp their browser the best, if nothing else. In …

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