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Will Internet Freedom Be Preserved And Expanded In 2013?

CES 2012 was overshadowed by the looming threat of SOPA. At the time, Congressmen Ron Wyden and Darrell Issa met with the tech industry to drum up support for their SOPA alternative – OPEN. SOPA eventually was declared officially dead late last year, but Wyden is back at CES 2013 with a laundry list of proposed legislation that could affect …

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Netflix Bandwidth Settings Announced for Capped Users in Canada

Earlier this month, AT&T announced an end to uncapped internet, saying that on May 2nd it will begin limiting DSL customers to 150 GB per month of usage. Usage caps have become much more strict for our neighbors up north, with caps in some cases going from 200 GB per month to 25 GB. Ouch. Netflix wants to help the …

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AT&T Says Goodbye To An Uncapped Internet

And the battle against a truly open Internet where service providers do not interfere with the usage rights — look it up in the service contract: long ago, in the BNNN (before no net neutrality) days, an uncapped Internet means you can use as much bandwidth as you please as long as you are a paying customer — continues, and …

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