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Microsoft Plucks CFO From International Paper

Starting May 9, Microsoft will have a new chief financial officer, and man in that position is Chris Liddell from International Paper.

International Space Team Home Safely

The early evening sky of northern Kazakhstan was dotted by a descending space capsule en route to a soft landing on “saturated” ground. Landing upright, search-and-rescue helicopters followed the capsule as it touched down 50 miles north of Arkalyk.

Microsoft To Get CFO From International Paper

International Paper’s CFO is leaving the company to become the CFO for Microsoft starting May 9.

Russian Rocket Transporting International Crew To ISS

Earlier this morning, a Russian rocket was launched from Kazakhstan carrying a 3-man international crew. The rocket’s destination is the International Space Station and its mission is to relieve the current ISS crew.

Corn Products International Expects Decline

Corn Products International expects first-quarter diluted earnings per share (EPS) to decline 35 percent to 40 percent from the first quarter of 2004…

Taser Welcomes Report from Department of Defense

Taser welcomed the release by the United States Department of Defense of the full report…

Hollinger International Under Criminal Investigation

Conrad Black and his Hollinger International company are under a criminal investigation from U.S. federal prosecutors.

European Union To Maintain Airbus Aid

The EU pledged its continuing support, amidst assorted criticisms, of the Airbus airline. The decision caused Washington to react with consternation, breaking off talks with EU representatives.

Marriott International Signs Agreement with Whitbread

Marriott International has signed an agreement with Whitbread PLC to establish a 50/50 joint venture.

International Paper To Sell Indsutrial Papers Business

International Paper has signed an agreement to sell its Industrial Papers Business to Kohlberg and Company, LLC for approximately $180 million subject to certain adjustments at closing.

International Space Station Expecting New Cargo Ship

An unmanned Russian cargo ship is preparing to launch so that it can make the journey to re-supply the International Space Station.

CeBIT Offers International Wi-Fi Roaming

A new wireless network roaming service will be available to visitors attending the annual CeBIT technology trade show in Hanover, Germany, from 10-16 March.

EU Anti-Spam Measures Face Uphill Struggle

Thirteen European Union countries have agreed to boost cooperation to tackle unsolicited commercial email, aka junk email and spam.

International Search Engine Usage Trend

In another story from HitsLink…International Search Engine Referrals Out Pace Domestic.

Google Looks to International Dominance

I’m not going to bore you by linking to every Google Q4 revenue article that’s out there. But I will highlight any that have an interesting angle.

Citigroup Sells International Business to Metlife

MetLife is buying Citigroup’s Travelers Life & Annuity, and all of Citigroup’s international insurance businesses for $11.5 billion.

Legal Online Music Downloads Booming

The Internet music business appears to be booming. After overcoming the “Napster” stigma, online music stores have seen a dramatic increase in customers and sales/downloads.

Sony Developing TV-To-PC Software

Consumer electronic giant Sony has announced their plans to release software that would allow television broadcasts played at home to be accessed by notebook computers, via the web.

International Search Engine Advertising Won’t Stay Inexpensive

American companies that strike gold with U.S. pay-for-placement search engines such as Overture and Google can now easily expand their market reach.

Wotbox.com Back with 8 New Local Search Sites

Wotbox is an independent Search Engine that over the last year has developed a strong following on the web.

Broadband Wireless International Corporation Files 10KSB

Broadband Wireless International Corporation revealed today that on Thursday August 19, 2004, the company filed its 10KSB for the year ending March 31, 2004.