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Fox Dumps Non-MySpace Intermix Pieces

One of the people behind the original deal that placed MySpace in the Fox Interactive Media collection of websites has reacquired most of the parts of Intermix from MySpace’s new ownership.

Former Intermix CEO Buys Domain Parker

Shh! Whatever you do, don’t say Intermix. Say “Richard Rosenblatt, former chairman and CEO of the company behind MySpace.” They might remember. Even better, call him the MySpace “founder,” DeWolfe and Anderson won’t care – everybody knows press releases are full of it.

Deeper Into The Shadows Of MySpace

MySpace.com has garnered a lot of attention lately as the 70 million member website became teen phenom. Though the loyal membership was richly concerned with the News Corp. buyout, many have noted that Intermix Media had cloudy and questionable history.

Former Intermix Chief Settles Up With Spitzer

Intermix founder and former CEO Brad Greenspan settled accounts with New York Attorney General (AG) Eliot Spitzer on Thursday. The fine came to $750,000 based on charges from Spitzer of distributing spyware and adware to millions of computer in New York and across the country.

No Place Like MySpace

In less than two years, MySpace.com has morphed from unadvertised haven for young bards to share their musical talents to a youth-oriented social networking phenomenon with upwards of 32 million registered hipster members. The insight into the young mind has never been so accessible.

News Corp. Expects to Double Traffic With Intermix Purchase

Yesterday, News Corp. announced that it will be purchasing Intermix Media for $580 million in cash. News Corp. will also be getting MySpace.com, because Intermix is buying the portion of it that it doesn’t already possess.

News Corp. To Get MySpace.com With Intermix

News Corp. is going to get MySpace.com as it buys Intermix Media for $580 million in cash. Intermix is buying the portion of MySpace.com that it doesn’t already possess, so that will come along with the package.

InterMix Media and MySpace.com To Become Part of News Corp.

News Corporation announced today that it is buying Intermix Media for $580 million in cash, and along with that will come MySpace.com, as Intermix is purchasing the portion of it that it doesn’t already own.

NewsCorp Acquires Intermix

The one-time focus of an Eliot Spitzer spyware lawsuit, Intermix has been acquired by Rupert Murdoch’s company for about $580 million USD.

MySpace Is Now FoxSpace
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Okay, so NYT bought About.com – which is basically just a form of citizen journalism. Okay, so IAC bought AskJeeves, and in the process got the much beloved Bloglines.