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Use Your Emotional Intelligence When Traveling Abroad

It was a 12 hour flight just from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. That was preceded by a flight from San Antonio to Los Angeles, and it was followed by the 3-hour flight from Frankfurt to Moscow.

Most of what people had told me wasn’t useful, but using my EQ was. Here are some tips if you’re traveling abroad that I gathered on my recent trip to Russia.

What You Must Know About Emotional Intelligence

Every minute of every day we’re using our emotional intelligence either to bring about good results or bad in our work and relationships.

Emotional Intelligence and Addiction: Ten Key Points

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” — Victor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

It’s EQ, Not IQ, That Will Make You More Money

Years ago, I read a biography on Nikola Tesla. While I found many aspects of this great inventor’s life intriguing, the one thing that really made an impression on me was not his many inventions, not his significant contributions to science, and not even his incredible intelligence.

Using Business Intelligence to Improve Your Sales Process

Business intelligence or “BI” as it is often referred to, is a current hot topic in the business world. Much of the discussion that has taken place around business intelligence has focused more on the technical aspects of BI such as analysis and interpretation of data. Scores of technology companies have jumped on the bandwagon promoting their cutting edge products for data extraction, analysis and compilation of BI. There is no shortage of new technology product announcements promising to be an answer to all your business intelligence needs. So what is BI and how can it provide competitive advantage in selling your products or services?

Why You, the Employer, Want Emotional Intelligence in Your Workplace

There are many good reasons to establish an Emotional Intelligence culture in your workplace. It helps with stress (Wall Street Journal, March 2003); helps you attract and retain the best employees; is a buffer against mobbing and hostile workplace; facilitates individual performance and team work (Goleman, Ph.D.); enables leaders; is highly correlated with better sales (Seligman, Ph.D.); relates to honesty, authenticity and ethics; increases creativity and flexibility for better coping with the velocity of change; helps employees communicate better; and can keep you from getting sued (Surgery, 2002).

Affiliate Intelligence – Affiliate Programs

We often get asked by affiliates about how to successfully deal with affiliate programs. There are many ways – and different Internet “gurus” will give you different answers.

Can Emotional Intelligence Help Your Business with Risk Management?

According to jury behavior studies, yes. Jurors (who are usually also employees) expect emotionally intelligent behavior from companies.

Can Emotional Intelligence Help Your Company with Risk Management?

According to jury behavior studies, yes. Jurors (who are usually also employees) expect emotionally intelligent behavior from companies.

Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Get & Retain the Best Employees

A major problem for employers today is getting the best employees and then keeping them. How do you do this? By understanding what it is employees really want. Being able to sense what others feel and want is empathy, an emotional intelligence competency.

Susan Dunn Answers Professional Development Questions

You get through college with IQ, but you get through life with EQ-emotional intelligence. 80% of the qualities that lead to success are “soft”skills, EQ. People with high EQ experience less stress, enjoy better health, demonstrate higher levels of morale and performance, and report a better quality of life. It’s competencies like resilience, optimism, intentionality, and empathy. It’s applicable to team work, leadership, motivation, negotiation, ethics, and sales. EQ isn’t new, but full recognition of its value is.

Global Warming: Is this Emotional Intelligence?

Have you heard the term “GEIC” – global emotional intelligence quotient?

Is Emotional Intelligence Just a Buzzword?

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” Annette told me. “It just wasn’t called this.” I was explaining to a counselor in Australia about the field of emotional intelligence, and she was sure she’d discovered it first. Likely you’ll feel the same way.

Emotional Intelligence: The Shot Felt ‘Round the World?

I just hung up the phone with Li-Yan, who wants me to come to Malaysia and present a workshop with her on emotional intelligence for businesses. She quit her corporate job there, because she found the work environment stifling, unethical and demoralizing. Now she wants to help businesses in Malaysia change to a more emotionally intelligent culture.

How to Choose the Right Coach for YOU, Using Your Emotional Intelligence

More people are hiring a coach every day. Choosing a coach is an important decision. To choose wisely, use your emotional intelligence – all parts of your brain, emotional as well as cognitive.

So What Does Emotional Intelligence Look Like in ReaL Life?

1.. High IQ, Low EQ: A student.

There’s a story going around the Chicago area, where EQ is big, about a student at the U. of Chicago last year. At that venerable high-IQ institution, it’s still a graduation requirement that each student pass a swimming test. A student showed up to take the test and, 3 hours later, after they’d dragged him out of Lake Michigan and the EMS had left, they asked him why he’d shown up to take the test when he didn’t know how to swim.

Emotional Intelligence and the Gentle Art of Conversation

When the Israelites heard that God was going to take them to the promised land they were excited as I’m sure you would be too. The road to the promised land however turned out not to be, what they expected. They expected to be taken there speedily and in comfort, but instead the road took them through the desert and they endured all kinds of hardships.

How to Run a Profitable Coaching Practice Using Your Emotional Intelligence

Pacific Management Consultants are a good example of branding. They consult with dentists on how to establish a practice that thrives. (Stay with me. We’ll get to coaching.)

Your Marketing Mantra

There’s a 15-word marketing mantra that’s covered in Marketing 101, that you need to know. It’s: By the time you’re sick of it, the public is just beginning to get it.

Is It Possible to Have Too Much Emotional Intelligence?
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Someone emailed me recently, “Do you think it’s possible to have too much emotional intelligence going on? To the point that perhaps logic takes a backseat?”

How Do You Score on the Marketing Emotional Intelligence Test, i.e., Are You Marketing APPROPRIATELY to Who’s REALLY on the Int

Remember that email rounding the Internet recently: “If we could shrink the Earth’s population to a village of 100 people, this is what it would look like: There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 North and South Americans, and 8 Africans. Seventy people would be non-white; 30 white. Seventy would be non-Christian; 30 Christian ….”