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Betaworks Follows Digg Purchase With Instapaper Acquisition

Betaworks, the company behind Bit.ly, news.me, Chartbeat, and now Digg, has added Instapaper to is portfolio. Instapaper has served as a nice complement to news readers like Google Reader (or whatever you’re using these days). It’s great for when you find things you want to read later that you didn’t actually get to through your reader, and don’t have easy …

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Apple Resolves App Store Update Problem

Apple has fixed a bug that was causing certain updates to crash on launch. Yesterday we told you that many users were experiencing a bug that caused recently updated apps to crash on launch. The update affected over three dozen apps, including Instapaper, the free version of Angry Birds Space HD, GoodReader, Readdle Scanner Pro, and many more. According to …

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App Store Bug Causes Newly Updated Apps To Crash

Sometimes in life, the littlest things can be the most exciting. When you’re young and living on your own for the first time, you get a little thrill out of checking your mail and seeing stuff addressed to you, even if it’s junk. When you got your first email address (all the way back in 1997 for me; get off …

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Can’t Read It Later? Read It Now With Read It Now

Life these days is pretty busy. The internet, which was supposed to make our lives simpler and more connected, has actually linked us up to virtually limitless amounts of content. Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. There are blog posts and news articles and how-tos and top tens (and top 50s, and top 100s, and so on). There’s just too …

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Howard Stern Sings the Praises of Instapaper in a New Ad

If you haven’t heard of Instapaper, you are not alone. Instapaper is an app that lets you save articles and web content you would like to read, but don’t have the time. You just click, “Read Later” and you’re done. It’s waiting for your on your mobile when you’re ready. Instapaper’s Marco Arment is a big fan of Howard Stern …

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