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Has Google Crossed the Line?
As I just posted on the InsideMicrosoft blog, Microsoft has issued a statement suggesting the government get involved regarding Google’s purchase off DoubleClick, and be concerned that Google is building a competition-averse monopoly. As reported at Paid Content, Yahoo and AT&T are also raising concerns (all tried to buy DoubleClick and were vastly outbid by Google), especially about the fact that combined, Google and DoubleClick will own 80% of publisher advertising services.

SES – SEO Through Blogs and Feeds

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SES – Meet the Search Ad Networks
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Which List Are You On?

Frank Arrigo links to Kineda, which now has a widget which queries Technorati to determine where you go in the blogging hierarchy, from the A-List to the D-List. Frank’s happy to be on the B-List, but I’m shocked that I am apparently an A-Lister.

Web Accelerator Stopped At The Door

I was visiting Whackbag.com, the unofficial Opie & Anthony message boards, and was stopped cold by this message …