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Medicare Paid Millions For Drugs Provided To Prison Inmates
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Medicare improperly paid out millions for prescription drugs provided to incarcerated persons, a new government report finds. How this slipped through the cracks is beyond belief. Not only are most people who are incarcerated ineligible for federal health care benefits, …

Mexico Prison Stormed By Gunmen, Nine Dead
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An exchange of gunfire occurred on Friday at a prison in Guerrero, Mexico. Six men disguised as police officers commuted to the facility in a stolen pickup truck and pretended to transport an inmate. Once inside the doors of the …

Camp 22 Inmates Disappear: People Gone from Gulag
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In a further development on the Korean peninsula of the worst possible kind, the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea has launched a new effort to report on the conditions in North Korea’s prison camps. Unfortunately, their discoveries of …