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Krokodil Confirmed as Flesh-eating Drug in Mexico
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Mexican health authorities have confirmed a homemade drug, better known as “the poor man’s heroin,” to be a flesh-eating substance. In December, a teenage girl was hospitalized in Mexico after injecting Krokodil (Desomorphine) into her genitals. The 17-year-old Texas-native experienced …

Google Frowns On Rogers Injection
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Rogers Internet in Canada provides its subscribers with an advisory when they are approaching their account’s bandwidth limits, by injecting that notice into a web page they are viewing.

EFF Strikes Back Against ISP Interference
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped up its criticism of traffic shaping practices by Comcast and others with a new initiative aimed at broadband customers.

Healthline Receives $21 Million Injection

In a manner of speaking, Healthline is looking especially robust today – it just received $21 million in financing.  And if, like me, you often aren’t acquainted with the names of financial backers, you should still recognize the entity that was behind this gift: GE/NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund.

Business rules & “Dependency Injection”

Nik Malik posted here on why he thinks a pattern known as "dependency injection" beats out rules engines.

Convert a MySQL Injection Script for Use in Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL Server is the most widely used database management system in the world, primarily because it is open source and free.

Web App Vulnerabilities Over Buffer Overflows

This should be an eye opener to many. In September Mitre reported that web application vulnerabilities are claiming the top three spots on their CVE request list, beating out Buffer Overflows.

How Bad Guys Hack into Websites Using SQL Injection
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SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web. Here I’ll try to explain in detail these kinds of vulnerabilities with examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.

Protecting Against SQL Injection With PHP And MYSQL

Security is important for all developers, but more so when combining two of the most popular Database and Web Programming technologies.

SQL Injection Vulnerability

A vulnerability was discovered in the ADOdb and can be exploited by hackers doing SQL injection attacks. The vulnerability only works on the PostgreSQL users. Andy Staudacher discovered the vulnerability and Secunia reported the issue as moderately critical on Tuesday.

Mozilla And Firefox Vulnerable To Old Frame Injection Trick

Something old is new again. Reports by Danish security firm Secunia indicate both Mozilla and Firefox browsers are susceptible to a flaw first discovered in 1998.