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AT&T Dials Up Ingenio Buy
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Pay per call advertising firm Ingenio has been acquired by AT&T to boost the telecom’s search and advertising services.

Ingenio Riding Cost Per Action Wave

The click to call model used by Ingenio to connect people to businesses represents the foaming surf on the onrushing wave of CPA models for advertising.

Cell Phone Users Attached To Phones

When it comes to cell phones 63 percent of users say they have a very personal connection to their mobiles according to a Harris Interactive poll released by Ingenio.

The poll revealed that 44 percent of mobile users say their phones have improved their personal relationships. Sixty-six percent of women said that their cell phones were personal to them while 60 percent of men said the same.

Microsoft, Ingenio Pair On Pay-Per-Call Ads

The deal between Microsoft and pay per call advertising provider Ingenio will place ads on the Windows Live Search for Mobile service.

Pumped For Pay Per Call: Ingenuity At Ingenio

I had an interesting conversation with Marc Barach, Chief Marketing Officer of San Francisco based Ingenio. Ingenio’s business is pay per call: a subject I’d heard of, but not something I had any kind of real understanding of. I know a little more about it now though and it’s actually quite slick.