Infringement Articles

MOSAID Sues Infineon Over Patent Infringement

MOSAID Technologies has initiated litigation against Infineon Technologies AG and three of its U.S.-based affiliates for infringement of three of MOSAID’s United States patents…

Trademark Infringement Suit Against Google Goes Forward

Susan Kuchinskas has an update on the trademark infringement suit against Google by American Blind & Wallpaper Factory.

Ericsson Sues For Patent Infringement

Ericsson has sued the UK based mobile phone company Sendo for patent infringement in several countries.

Google Loses Trademark Infringement Appeal In France

The BBC News UK edition reports that Google has lost their trademark infringement case appeal.

Rambus Patent Infringement Claims Dismissed

Rambus announced that the Virginia judge in the patent infringement case against Infineon has again dismissed Rambus’s patent infringement claims.

Skweezer and Copyright Infringement

A lively discussion is bubbling on Jason Calcanis’ blog on the issue of how others use content you have produced where copyright enters into the picture and, in essence, what’s right and what’s not.

Domain name infringement?

Where does blatant mimicry stop and similarity start?

Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

I recently received an email from a concerned, fellow Internet business owner, asking for my opinion on an issue that could literally destroy his Internet business and the business of several other domains involved.