Oracle, Google Trial Down to API Ruling

Oracle, Google Trial Down to API Ruling

By Mike Fossum May 16, 2012

It was recently reported that the jury in Oracle’s case against Google for copyright infringement found that the search giant did violate Java copyrights, but likewise were undecided on whether or not the manipulation of the Java APIs in question …

Yahoo Publisher Network Attacked By Clones
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This isn’t some Phantom Menace grabbing content from a Yahoo blog, but another blogger who’s dropped a whole YPN post into a blog and slapped ads alongside it.

Warner Music Sues Imeem For Infringement

Did you hear that Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) is going to teach schoolchildren music?  Well, Warner Music Group (which represents the Chili Peppers) is going to teach Imeem a lesson – it’s suing the social networking site for copyright infringement.

MySpace Leads Copyright Infringement Fight
MySpace launched a new feature, called Take Down Stay Down, that prevents users from re-uploading videos that have already been taken down due to copyright infringement. It’s a smart thing, keeping the onus on the DMCA, but at the same time giving the DMCA more teeth, and it shows MySpace’s commitment to keeping infringing content off their site.

MySpace Launches Tool To Fight Infringement

MySpace has launched a new copyright protection tool in an effort to combat infringing video content. The tool called "Take Down Stay Down" prevents users from re-posting videos that have been previously removed at the request of copyright owners.

Is Linking To Pirated Content A Liability?

The online video copyright issue is set to get more intense as legal lines come closer into focus. The YouTube and Viacom case, in the unlikely event it sees a courtroom, would be large enough to solidify some ground rules. There are also international complications, which makes one wonder if the World Wide Web will one day necessitate a Virtual World Court.  

When Somebody Steals Your Copy or Design

If you read my earlier post on having my copy swiped by other companies I’m sure you feel my righteous indignation.

Cisco Calls Apple On Trademark Infringement

Cisco has sued Apple over its use of the term iPhone for its newly announced mobile device, despite reports that they were near an agreement with Apple to share the name.

Gambling Sites Crap Out After Bill Signing
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It’s snake-eyes for the top ten gambling sites as visits plummet in the wake of US legislation passed and signed into law banning online gambling.

MySpace For Trademark Infringement
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When capitalizing on the social networking explosion, it’s best to not be too obvious that you’re ripping off somebody else – especially when everybody knows that somebody else and the high-priced lawyers that come with. For example, a site called “MySpace for Midgets” is wrong for two reasons, but we’ll just focus on one.

IBM Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement

International Business Machines Corp. has filed two separate lawsuits against Amazon, alleging that the Seattle-based company improperly derived its e-commerce functions from technologies patented by IBM as far back as the 1980’s.

Lawsuit Against Maine Blogger Dropped

Blogger Lance Dutson earned a victory against Warren Kremer Paino Advertising as the ad agency dropped its lawsuit against the web developer who criticized their business with the state of Maine.

Copyright Infringement & the Real Meaning of ‘Google’

Being the true search marketing professional that I am I have to admit that Google is my home page.

Google Toolbar Patent Lawsuit Going Forward

Yeah, I’m clearing out some old tabs, don’t complain.

YouTube is a Friend, Not a Foe

YouTube is capping video lengths to reduce copyright infringement, according Ars.

Box-Wrap Rap: Lexmark And Patent Infringement

Lexington, KY – Lexington, KY based Lexmark International finally won a major ruling in their never ending war to protect their printer cartridge business. The decision came down from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals saying that when consumers open the packaging for printer cartridges, they agree to the terms and conditions of Lexmark, namely, not to refill them.

Microsoft Beaten In Patent Infringement Case

A California jury sides with a Guatemalan developer’s case and awards him a $9 million judgment.