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What Kind Of Geek Are You? [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered what kind of geek you are? Have you ever wanted an easy guide on how to identify other geeks? Well the boys over at have done exactly that. In infographic form, they have compiled an end all list of types of geeks. The infographic, titled “The Sacred Order Of Geeks,” features, comic book geeks, Apple …

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How AAA Games Effect Month To Month Sales [Infographic]

How much do AAA franchises like Mario or Call of Duty really effect the over all landscape of month to month video game sales? The folks over at have answered this question with a great infographic. As you can see from the infographic, since the beginning of 2009, which was when the economy went south, if there isn’t a …

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iPhone’s True Cost: Coltan Wars, Air Emissions, & Miscarriages

On paper, an iPhone 4S will run you as low as $199 if you hitch up with a wireless carrier contract; picking up one free of a contract will pump that price up to at least $649.00. Excepting the monthly utility bill you’ll need in order to use the iPhone as a phone, that’s how much it costs you, a …

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