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As LinkedIn’s Influencer Program Grows, Richard Branson Hits 1 Million Followers

At the beginning of October, LinkedIn debuted their new “Influencer” initiative, which allowed users to follow specific “thought leaders” across the network. At the outset, about 150 thought leaders from various industries were included in the program, which allowed them to publish long-form articles and presentations for their follower base. At the one-month mark, we told you that Virgin’s Richard …

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Content More Memorable When Shared By Close Friends

Data suggests that content and ideas online spread most effectively through large numbers of people sharing with small groups. There is little supporting data to prove that influencers are the best way to go viral and share information online. The future of media and online advertising is social and social media users are engaged visiting sites like StumbleUpon and Buzzfeed …

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Businesses Harness Social With SocialChorus

SocialChorus is a company that matches brands with social influencers who can help them sell what they have to offer. “Social media has democratized the power of influence, and accelerated the growth of social influencers,” said Gregory Shove, SocialChorus Founder and CEO. “Brands are unable to effectively keep up, and need a better solution to collaborate with these influencers. The …

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