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Stock Market Distrust Shown for Third Straight Year

As it currently stands, the stock market is in a fairly good spot. Interest rates on fixed income and cash are low, market returns in 2013 exceeded 30 percent, and the market itself is setting record highs. Despite all of the success over the past five years, however, Americans are still not likely to invest their hard-earned money in such …

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“Big Bang” Gravitational Waves: More Proof For Inflation

For those that had doubts that there actually was a big explosion (big bang) in which our universe was born, there is more proof to support the theory. Although, there really isn’t a method for us to know precisely what happened 13.8 billion years ago, but scientists announced Monday a breakthrough in getting closer to supporting the big bang inflation …

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Social Security Increase Lowest in Decades as Inflation Ravages US Dollar

Millions of Social Security recipients and disabled veterans will receive the smallest benefits increase since 1975, when automatic increases were adopted to offer a shield against price inflation, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The benefits will increase by roughly 1.5 percent, against price inflation of almost 10%, when measured using more forthright methods employed by the Federal …

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