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Head Lice: Should Kids With Lice Be Allowed in School?

Some parents are outraged at the news that some schools are relaxing their rules regarding head lice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, head lice infects between 6 million and 12 million kids ages 3 to 11 per year. This number could go up, though, since some schools have decided to no longer send home lice notes …

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Ice Cream Cone Warehouse Raided Over Rodent Problem

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this weekend announced that U.S. Marshals raided a food storage facility in Waynesboro, Virginia on September 16. The raid was conducted do to FDA inspectors finding “widespread” rodent and insect infestations at the location. Two companies, Gourmet Provisions and Royal Cup, used the premises to store food products. Gourmet Provisions manufacturers ice cream …

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50,000 Bees in Home: Photojournalist Finds Enormous Hive in His House

Finding 50,000 bees in your home sounds like something straight out of poorly-scripted nightmare, though apparently such an incident took place inside photojournalist Larry Chen’s California house not too long ago. Since Chen spends quite a bit of his time on the road, he wasn’t aware of just how extreme the problem had become. According to ABC News, Larry began …

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