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Jason Molina Dies of “Natural Causes”; Singer Was 39

The record label Secretly Canadian today confirmed that singer/songwriter Jason Molina has died. The 39-year-old is reported to have died at his Indianapolis home on Saturday March 16 of “natural causes.” Molina’s record label stated that he stopped touring in …

Indaba Music Launches a “Social Contest Suite” Indaba Music Launches a “Social Contest Suite”

Indaba Music bills itself as a leading community for independent musicians to show off their talents. The site, through its Opportunity Marketplace, hosts contests that involve composing or remixing music tracks. Indaba’s contest campaigns are designed to promote music brands …

Most Web Music Indie, But Stations Still Pay
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Talk about getting it from both ends. If you haven’t been following the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) downright persecution of the webcasting industry, you might be surprised to know that not even stations that play independent music can get beyond the RIAA’s reach.

IODA Guilty of Distributing

Some things grab your attention just for the coolness factor. Others whisper of revolution, a quiet promise that industrial tectonic plates are about to shift. IODA, a digital distribution company focusing on indie music, is a cool undercurrent, pulling a tide that is the promise of a sea-change.