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Changes Abound For Google India

It’s a mixed bag of good news, bad news, and just plain “news” news for Google in India this week.  One piece from the region describes the company’s expansion in glowing terms; another reports that its site ranked low in terms of usability.  Lastly, there’s a new man in place to deal with all this: Shailesh Rao was appointed managing director of sales and operations for Google India.

Google Grants Police Quick Access To Records

Never mind the bat signal – cops in India have been equipped with a sort of “red phone” e-mail address at Google.  The search engine giant, according to various Indian sources, wants to help put a stop to hate speech and other objectionable content that’s been showing up on Orkut.

Yahoo India (Sort Of) Apologizes For Stolen Recipe

Almost two months ago, Yahoo India was accused of redistributing a woman’s recipes without her permission.  Now the company is apologizing (in a corporate-speak kind of way).  Yahoo is also blaming the incident on another business.

Thoughts From An Introverted Entrepreneur

For those of you that have not heard yet, yesterday (February 24th) was the big kick-off for Entrepreneurship Week USA.

I had not really heard about this event before, but it has been brought up on a number of blogs that I read, so I thought I’d go check it out.  As a passionate, but introverted advocate of entrepreneurship, I thought I’d look into the event and what it means.

Yahoo India Denies Stealing Recipes
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Following claims that Yahoo India stole content from some other businesses’ blogs, the company’s representatives want everyone to know that “we do not admit of [sic] any copyright violation.” The content in question, by the way, was a recipe.

Developing Countries Breeding Grounds for Open Source

Red Herring’s Falguni Bhuta predictsMore (Open Source) momentum in developing countries“:

Orkut Sued Over 300 Year Old Dead Guy

If you’re ever in India, steer clear of snide remarks about one Chhatrapati Shivaji. He’s been causing trouble for Google’s Orkut social networking site and Internet caf owners in India. And he’s been dead for three centuries.

Yahoo Research Branches Out In India

Yahoo Research is preparing to establish a research lab in Bangalore; it is also going to begin a string of lectures in India called the “Big Thinker Series.” And while that rather silly name may not demand respect, the series should focus on serious and relevant issues within the fields of “science, technology, and the internet.”

More Marketing In India

Shopping in India can be a bewildering experience.

Marketing in India

In Jaipur at the Alsisar Haveli, I met a young puppetmaster and his ten year old brother. Together they performed puppet shows outside the main restaurant at the Haveli, with the older brother expertly controlling the puppets with every finger of both hands behind a curtained backdrop, and the younger brother playing the dholak in accompaniment.

Google Travels To India

Google search engine is now available to subscribers of Indian mobile phone company, Airtel.

Google Not Having Luck Hiring In India

The Times Of India reports that Google has had trouble finding enough quality talent to hire for its Indian offices.

Googlers In Short Supply In India

Google is reputedly a great employer: at the Googleplex in Mountain View, workers are treated to recreation facilities, “snack rooms,” and bring-your-dog-to-work privileges, among other nice bonuses. Nonetheless, Google is having a hard time “recruiting talented locals in its South Asian operations.”

More Orkut Legal Concerns For Google

Orkut is becoming quite a problem child for Google. Now that things have finally begun to calm down from its legal battle in Brazil, similar issues are cropping up in India. This new issue involves hate speech, while the Brazilian dispute involved both hate speech and child pornography. Company execs still aren’t likely to label this as “progress,” though.

Educators Push Linux Switch In India

Microsoft received a swift punch to the gut from an Indian state government looking to lower education costs by encouraging its school system to switch to Linux-based computers.

India Blocks Access Major Blog Sites
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The Indian government was accused of censorship after the Department of Telecommunications was found to have given directives to regional Internet service providers to block access to blogspot.com, typepad.com and geocities.

India Sees Big Growth From Small Net Players

Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs) are set to dump a ton of cash into upgrading their Internet infrastructure this year, according to a study by New York-based AMI-Partners. The study predicts SMBs in the country will invest up to US $1.2 billion for this initiative, or about one-sixth of global IT spending at $7.7 billion.

Gates Gives Indian Prostitutes A Discount

Prostitutes in India have the opportunity to become card-carrying members of an elite group of, um, prostitutes with chip-embedded smartcards courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Travelblogging India Contest

If you live in India and you’re a blogger, there’s a contest running where you can win an opportunity to travel India and blog your experiences.

Indian Army Sees Threat in Google Earth

The Indian army is a little freaked-out that Google Earth shows satellite images of their strategic installations.

India Helps Oracle Spin Database Profits

A strong third quarter from Oracle’s Asia Pacific unit returned an 8 percent increase in total revenues from the same period for the last fiscal year.