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BookMarklets: Tool For Monitoring Google’s Index

BookMarklets, like their older siblings BookMarks, give you shortcuts to web content. Bookmarklets are different though because they are actually “JavaScript programs in URL form” that allow you a quicker means of searching.

How to See What Pages of Your Site Google Has In Its Index

There is a lag time between the indexing or updating of your site, and the time it takes to show new results in the database. Depending on your site, where it was linked from, who it was linked from, and who knows what other factors, the amount of time varies.

Search Engine Index Flux and Rank Checking

Like so many other search engine optimization agents, we, too, have found all ranking checkers we tested, including the market leaders, to be highly inaccurate at times, though not consistently so, which of course only makes matters worse. And which is why we finally resorted to writing our own server based, customized solution.

Google Announces 6 Billion Item Index

Google, the search engine named after the mathematical term for a very large number (“googol”), announced today that it has expanded its index to include 6 billion items.

SQL Server Parallel Execution Plans

Microsoft SQL Server introduced parallel query processing capability in version 7.0. The purpose of parallel query execution is to complete a query involving a large amount of data more quickly than possible with a single thread on computers with more than one processor.

Let’s Get Back to Business

Well folks, now that we all had a nice holiday season, it is time to get back to business. Some things you can do to give your business a lift and charge into the new year are:

Getting Your Web Site Listed in the Google Index
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Reader Question: I have submitted my site to the major search engines including Google and DMOZ (Open Directory Project). I’m not getting much traffic to my site and believe this is largely because the site can’t be found on Google. We’ve used the proper meta tags, meta-description and header bar, even the home page body is keyword rich. I’ve been busy getting links to the site from other relevant sites.

SQL Server 2000 Table Hints

As you advance in your skills as a Transact-SQL developer or SQL Server database administrator there will come a time when you need to override SQL Server’s locking scheme and force a particular range of locks on a table. Transact-SQL provides you with a set of table-level locking hints that you can use with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements to tell SQL Server how you want it to lock the table by overriding any other system-wide or transactional isolation level.

Search Engine Submissions and Re-submissions …how often should you resubmit your pages, and when?

Do you remember a time when search engine submission strategies were fairly easy and worked almost across the board? Sure, we recommended manual submissions, and yes, we recommended daily submission limits, but the strategies were uncomplicated.

Superior Diversification on a Shoestring Budget

We’ve been preaching the merits of wide stock market diversification for many years, and the advantages should be painfully obvious these days after the bear market that started in 2000. Any investor who loaded up on growth stocks or technology funds a few years ago should now be able to see the advantage of owning some other kinds of assets as well.

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions
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Ask Shari anything about search engines and see your answer published in DevWebPro’s weekly SEO Corner column.

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Does Google Index Dynamic Pages?

Is it posible to index in Google a dynamic page like the ones you have in your site? For example: http://www.insideoutmarketing.com/index.php?p=sections&sid=7 I developped a Content Management System that creates dynamic menus and pages and each link of each item of the menu point to a category of articles and each title of each article points to the entire article using its number like this: http://astursistemas.com/demo/index.php?categoria_no=17 (category No.17, sorry it is in spanish) http://astursistemas.com/demo/Articulos.php?articulo_no=16 (article No. 16)

If I submit the above URLs to Google, will they be indexed?

Dan Thies Answers Website Promotion Questions
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Dan Thies is the author of “Search Engine Optimization Fast Start,” and a frequent contributor to WebProNews. He has more books coming out soon on pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, e-zine publishing, and a beginner’s book on building a small business website.

Dan is happy to answer “almost any” question, but if you would like an intelligent answer, please stick to the general topics of online marketing, website promotion, and search engine positioning (including pay per click). Please include your website’s URL, and as many details as possible.

Google Code Unbans Reader
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A WebProNews reader shared his recent experiences of getting back in Google after being banned. His experience is quite unique — one I’d never heard before.

Fast Search and Transfer Engine!

Martin Schaedel, my search engine optimization colleague from Sweden, recently conducted a telephone interview with Stephen Baker, Director, Internet Business Unit of Fast Search & Transfer, and managed to come away with some very interesting and surprising tidbits for you. Take it away, Martin!