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Google Updates Google Information For Webmasters FAQ

Apparently someone at Google feels the various webmasters populating their index needed some attention focused on improving Google’s perceived interaction with this group, and perhaps to demonstrate their commitment to search.

Search Engines Index 85% of Visible Web Content

According to a recent study co-written by Ask Jeeves Director of Advanced Products Antonio Gulli and University of Iowa’s Alessio Signorini, the major search engines have managed to index nearly 85% of the estimated 11.5 billion documents that make up the “visible web”.

Voyeur Heaven: Finding Unprotected Video and More
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We’ve all got a little voyeurism in us. That’s why the recent article, Clearing Google Search History to Maintain Your Privacy sent my visitor counts off the charts :).

“We Are Pleased…” An Overused Press Release Expression

How sick are you of the press release expression “We are pleased..” It’s been a staple of every press release quote since the PR classic “Man Discovers Fire, Unga Bunga” and even my personal favorite, “Meteor Kills Dinosaurs.”

MSN Search Partners with Picsearch for Image Index

Picsearch announced today that it has entered into an agreement to supply the new MSN Search service with image search services.

Consumer Confidence Index Declines

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, after improving in January, went down in February.

Index of Leading Economic Indicators Declined in January

The Conference Board reported that the Composite Index of Leading Economic Indicators declined 0.3% in January.

Making Tablet PC Evangelism Wholly Transparent

Having bloggers evangelize Microsoft’s Tablet PC is what Steve Rubel suggests as an answer to Robert Scoble’s vexation on the seeming invisibilty of the Tablet PC …

Is Google Inflating Index Size?

Jean Vronis has some interesting research that he suggests raises questions about the accuracy of Google’s index count.

Best No Load Mutual Funds: Mutual Fund Fees and Mutual Fund Expenses

When searching for the best no load mutual funds, some mutual fund investors often tend to focus exclusively on mutual fund fees and expense ratios. Is this always a smart way to select mutual funds?

Google May Have Pulled a Corp. Blogger from Its Web Index

Searchwatcher John Battelle notes that Google Blogoscoped found a blogging Googler who was posting openly about the company.

Link Reform To The Rescue

Okay, I can’t wait any longer. I’ve had this in the works for a couple months and now that Andy started a similar thread I am forced to release my findings.

SQL Server Database Index Performance
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Auditing Index Use is Not an Easy Task, But Critical to Your Server’s Performance.

How to Determine if your Site is Banned in Google
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Reader question: I think my site has been banned in google. It used to have all of these top positions for the past three years, and it suddenly disappeared. Can you help?

“Ken Jennings” Yahoo Searches Skyrocketed 318%

When super smart Ken Jennings finally answered wrong on Jeopardy Yahoo search results for his name shot up 318%.

Search Engine Spider, Index, and Ranking
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Reader question: I think my site has been banned in Google. It used to have all of these top positions for the past three years, and it suddenly disappeared. Can you help?

Search Engine Company’s Index Grows Rapidly

Gigablast has grown its search engine index from 450 Million to 650 million pages during the last few months.

Google Can Now Index . . . Flash! An Interview with Michael Marshall
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As you know, a Flash movie as the index page of a site has always been a major problem with search engine optimization. There’s simply no content for the search engines to index.

Shifting SEO Landscape — Paid Inclusion out of MSN

Here we go again. It’s search engine earthquake time. It’s of smaller magnitude on the imaginary SEO Richter scale, maybe a 3.5, but newsworthy none-the-less.

Branding a Directory

How do I Create a Successful Directory?

There are a few things which are important to do when creating a directory. To maximize the long term success of your directory you want to ensure:

AskJeeves And Teoma Now Index PDF Files

AskJeeves, which uses the Teoma database for its reults, now has PDF files showing up in their SERPs. Pages that are in PDF format have text [PDF File] next to the listing to differentiate from regular html documents.