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It’s…Another Yahoo Index Update

The Sixth Weather Report from Yahoo Search should be completed sometime today, and site publishers will want to look and see where they may be placed.

Amazon Offering Alexa Index to Everyone

JB takes a look at Amazon’s decision to offer up use of Alexa’s index to anyone wishing to pay a modest fee.

Yahoo Updates Their Index

Yahoo announced last night on the search blog a minor update in the ranking of their index. This means some may want to check out their Yahoo results to see if they need to make any modifications in their search tactics.

Has the Second Leg of Jagger Helped Matters?

With the drama and havoc caused by the first Jagger update, practically everyone who keeps tabs on their Google performance has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, according to famed Google engineer (and fellow Kentuckian) Matt Cutts, this proverbial shoe is indeed dropping as I type.

Schmidt: 300 Years To Index It All

Google CEO Eric Schmidt responded to a question at a conference about how long it would take to index the world’s information.

Are Google and MSN’s Index Counts Accurate?

With all the back and forth going on about search index sizes, it would be nice to be able to test the claims made by the various engines. Well, it appears as if there may be a way to verify if an engine’s purported index size is accurate.

Google/Amazon Katrina Donation Link Doing Well

In light of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Google posted a link on their homepage that took users to an Amazon page where donations could be made.

Aaron Wall Sued Over SEOBook Blog Comments

Who is responsible for the content found on a blog entry? The author, right? How about the comments made by the blog entry readers? Is the author responsible for this content, from a legal point-of-view, as well…?

Monster Releases Local Employment Index Results

Monster has released the results of its Local Employment Index for the month of July. They show that online job recruitment activity has declined in 14 of the top 28 U.S. metropolitan areas.

SEO Product Add-in Helps Index Dynamic Sites

A Torrance, CA e-commerce software firm will include the SEO Catalog Generator in an upcoming release.

Google 166.9 Percent Greater Than Yahoo!

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied Yahoo’s claims of a 20 billion item index and found them lacking.

Yahoo’s Tim Mayer Confirms New Search Index

If any of you are experiencing changes or perhaps difficulties with Yahoo Search, the reason for experiencing any upheavals has been confirmed by Yahoo Search’s Tim Mayer.

Search For Music Files With Google

Has Google introduced a music search function that’s similar to their video search feature? No, unfortunately not. But, thanks to a never-say-die user, there are adjustments you can make to your search string that can help locate these types of files.

Platinax Back In Yahoo’s Index

Apparently, being removed from Yahoo’s index because of a DMCA complaint is a reversible decision.

Indexes: An Overview and Maintenance for Performance

Many people know the importance of creating indexes on SQL Server database tables. Indexes greatly improve the performance of a database.

Consumer Confidence Index Rises In June

For the second month in a row, The Conference Board reports an increase in a key tracking index.

Yahoo Launching New Search Index

While the big players in the search industry continue to try and outdo each other by introducing a number of specialty search services, it’s important to remember that a search engine is only as good as its search index.

US Trade Deficit Grows On Import Demand

The latest report from the Commerce Department says the trade deficit now stands at $195.1 billion USD.

Tasting Bourbon Major Back-link and Index Update Underway

They say that today is the first day of the rest of your life. That makes everyday an important one though as we all know, some days are much more important than others. Today is one of those days.

Bloglines Doubles Search Index

The importance of having a complete index should never be underestimated when it comes to search. All the relevance algorithms in the world don’t mean much if the indexes being searched aren’t the least bit comprehensive.

Keyword Ad Prices Take A Nosedive

The Fathom Online Keyword Price Index, the best indicator of earnings trends in the search ad industry, dropped 15% in May, almost entirely on a massive correction in inflated mortgage keyword prices.