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Yaron Adler Out At IncrediMail

The CEO of the web-based email company has been replaced by his brother, chief product officer and co-founder Ofer Adler, a few weeks after the company ran afoul of Google’s AdSense policies.

IncrediMail Regains Google’s Favor

AdSense and search advertising have been reinstated for IncrediMail by Google, which suspended those services for the web-based email company last week.

Google Dumps IncrediMail, Stock Drops
Once IncrediMail disclosed that it got a notice from Google Inc. about the latter’s decision to end the advertising service relationship with the former, all hell broke lose.

Incredimail’s shares plummeted by 45 percentage points hitting this year’s lowest figure of $2.50. IncrediMail, specializes in producing customized e-mail solutions.

Google Shuts Off IncrediMail’s AdSense
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Israel-based IncrediMail saw a big chunk of their revenue go away when Google suddenly ended their existing AdSense and search ad relationship with the web-based email firm.