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Google Helps Find Missing Links
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It’s been said links are the currency of the Web, and an honest-gotten inbound link is like a tip for good work. Locating broken inbound links, then—links attempted but because of an error don’t connect with a page on your site—is like an opportunity to locate missing money.

The Value Of A Link
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Pricing a Link

When trying to understand the value of a link a variety of factors can be considered, including:

Google Offers Inbound Link Advice
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Google’s Maile Ohye concluded Link Week with a tutorial on inbound links. It says basically what SEO experts have been saying for years: content and inbound links are most important, and in that order.
Google Offers Inbound Link Advice

Google Debunks Link Sabotage Theories
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The search engine thinks the apocryphal talk about webmasters being able to wreck their competitors by creating bad links to them is just a bunch of talk.