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Amazon Mobile App SDK Makes Nice With Adobe AIR

We recently reported on how Adobe AIR and Flash are being used to make the next generation of mobile titles. Now Amazon is tapping into these tools to bring its APIs to more people in mobile development. Amazon announced today that Adobe AIR native extensions for the In-App Purchasing and GameCircle APIs are now available to its mobile app developers. …

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Amazon Now Offers In-App Purchasing Services To PC Game Developers

Amazon has always been a huge player in games retail, but the company is quickly becoming a major player in game development as well. It’s already heavily involved in mobile game development with a number of helpful APIs like GameCenter. Now the retail giant is starting to focus on its free-to-play PC gaming service again that started with Game Connect. …

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Apple Lawsuit For In-App Purchases Will Continue

A lawsuit against Apple will proceed, as Apple’s request for a dismissal has been denied, according to recent reports. Apple had argued that the suit was no longer valid, thanks to changes made to its in-app purchase system. U.S. District Judge Edward Davila disagreed, however, and ruled that the suit would proceed to trial. If you’ve spent much time in …

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