Immigration Articles

New Border Fence Planned For Arizona
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A legislative committee for the state of Arizona wants to go ahead with plans to build a 200-mile fence along its border with Mexico. According to a report from the Phoenix newspaper the Arizona Republic, the Joint Border-Security Advisory Committee …

New Zealand Sees Dollar Signs Not Illegal Downloads With Kim Dotcom New Zealand Sees Dollar Signs Not Illegal Downloads With Kim Dotcom

In 2010, New Zealand immigration officials decided the potential money mattered more than the negative press from allowing Kim Dotcom to move to and reside in their country. When Billionaire, Dotcom filed for residency and his application was in consideration …

Google Calls For Expansion Of H-1B Visa Program
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In lieu of recent history, parents may one day tell their kids, "President? But why? When you grow up, you could work at Google." With over a million resumes per year, Google can afford to be choosey, and doesn’t like having its talent pool options narrowed.

Google Goes To D.C., Addresses Immigration

When a homeless person says something, not many people listen.  When your average middle-class person speaks, he (or she) might, at best, be able to get on the local news.  But when Google talks, nothing short of Congress itself is ready to pay attention, and that was the case as Laszlo Bock laid out his company’s case for more H-1B visas.

Gates Weighs In On Immigration Reform

Who should you ask for advice when it comes to matters of national security, human rights, and more specifically, immigration reform? Well, Bill Gates seems to think he has a pretty good understanding of the issues. Gates released a 200-word statement on Thursday expressing his views on the subject.

A Popular Blog Post Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

What on earth’s going on? was my reaction at about 3.15pm when I happened to notice the little …

Netherlands Hard Line On Immigration

The Dutch government is proposing that people applying to live in The Netherlands will have to take an examination to prove that they understand the language and culture, before they get here.

Immigration Policies Slow U.S. Productivity

Post September 11 immigration policies in the U.S. may slow down productivity in the country according to Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke.