MySpace Updates imeem Users on Playlists

MySpace Updates imeem Users on Playlists

By Chris Crum December 23, 2009 | 13 Comments

Update: MySpace has sent an email around to imeem users giving them an update about playlists.

Imeem Acquires Anywhere.FM

Since Imeem somehow managed to sign deals with all four major record labels, we don’t think arranging this new agreement put a major strain on the company.  Still, Imeem’s acquisition of Anywhere.FM appears to be an important step forward in its development.

Warner Bros. Sues SeeqPod For Infringement

Warner Bros. is suing music search engine SeeqPod accusing the company of profiting from "mass infringement" on its site.

In a complaint filed in California District Court, Warners alleges "SeeqPod directly infringes Plaintiffs’ copyrighted works, including by making on-demand and unauthorized digital public performances of those works. SeeqPod secondarily infringes Plaintiffs’ copyrights under the well-established doctrines of contributory, vicarious and inducement liability."

VideoEgg Partners With Three Media Sites

In terms of name recognition, it isn’t exactly an A-list collection of companies – no YouTube, no Facebook, no Flickr.  But VideoEgg has partnered with Metacafe, Imeem, and Buzznet, and advertisers should say "thank you" in response.

Universal Strikes Deal with iMeem

The music industry has had a lot of shakeups recently, and here’s yet another. Social media community imeem has signed a licensing deal with Universal Music group, the largest music label in the music industry. Now you can listen to Universal’s streaming music and watch videos free.

Rather than make money on the music, they show ads and split ad revenues. This isn’t a new model, of course and I wonder what the artists make from it.

Imeem Completes Major Music Label Collection
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The “first and only”s we hear about often aren’t worth mentioning; some piddly little company makes a piddly little announcement every other day.  But thanks to a new deal with Universal Music Group, Imeem is able to use the phrase in a way that tends towards the important and large side of things.

MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal

Thanks to a new deal between MySpace and Sony BMG, users of the social network should gain special access to streaming music videos, and other odds and ends, including limited audio content, may also become available.

Sony BMG Signs Deal With Imeem
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Sony BMG has inked a deal with online social media network Imeem to make its music available on the ad-supported music service.

Warner, Imeem Resolve Suit, Share Music

Two months ago, Warner Music Group (WMG) filed suit against Imeem for copyright infringement.  Now the suit has been dropped, and – get this – the two companies have announced a strategic partnership through which “WMG’s world-class catalog of popular audio and video content will be made available . . . for interactive, on-demand streaming on imeem’s free, ad-supported service.”

Warner Music Sues Imeem For Infringement

Did you hear that Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) is going to teach schoolchildren music?  Well, Warner Music Group (which represents the Chili Peppers) is going to teach Imeem a lesson – it’s suing the social networking site for copyright infringement.

MySpace Competitor Visits On The Rise
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Sites like Buzznet and iMeem have been moving fast as social networking sites not named MySpace continue to make gains as they pull in users looking for alternatives online.