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Google Includes Images With Search Results

Google is now including images with certain search results in an effort to promote its image search feature.

Google Search and Picasa: Where to Now?

Google’s known for developing great services without necessarily knowing how they’re going to monitize them.

The Secret Benefit Of Accessibility Part 2: A Higher Search Engine Ranking

An additional benefit of website accessibility is an improved performance in search engines. The more accessible it is to search engines, the more accurately they can predict what the site’s about, and the higher your site will appear in the rankings.

Google Sued For Unauthorized Links To Proprietary Adult Images

Adult publisher Perfect 10 has sued Google for allegedly making available 800,000 unauthorized links to images of Perfect 10’s nude models, advertising revenue and stealing membership fees.

Display Web Page ThumbShots without Hosting Images

What Are ThumbShots?

EZ traffic from Google and Yahoo Traffic

This is a sly traffic idea I got from my Kentucky cohort Garrett French. Garrett writes for WebProWorld.com.

Images: How To Make Them To Load Fast On Your Web Pages?

1. Use .gifs rather than .jpgs. GIFs are smaller in size when compared to JPGs.

Internet Marketing Psychology & Intriguing Facts
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Time Management

Ever asked yourself, where does the time go?

How To Optimize Your Images For Image Search
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Do the images on your website appear in Google’s image search? If you’re selling products they should. If you have pictures of yourself on your site those should appear in Google’s (and Yahoo’s) image search too.

Spice Up Your Web Site With Rotating Images

Normally I don’t like moving objects when I arrive at a web site. It distracts visitors from getting to the content.

Preventing People From Leeching Your Images!

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can prevent other people from displaying YOUR images on their websites.

10 New Ways to Speed up Download Time

1. Avoid tables for layout

Here are six reasons why pages that use CSS for layout download faster than tabular pages:

A Simple Solution For Capturing High Quality Computer Screen Images For Use In Print And Web Pages

Easily capture computer screen images for use in books and web pages.

Images on Web Sites: When Should They be Used?

Images are used on web and intranet sites for many reasons: branding, highlighting, navigation, providing supplementary information, division, humour etc. Images consume more space than text, however, and thus take a longer time to download.

Simplify Your Web Site for Clarity and Ease of Use

There are plenty of web sites out there in which basic elements of design are ignored. The viewer may experience overkill and frustration, instead of gently receiving the message or information. Here are some simple ways to help clarify your web site’s message for your company or organization. Use the web as a tool for sales, community contact, and to improve, rather than detract from a business entity’s image.

Web Site Software Interface Design Consultant

The key to creating graphical images for the World Wide Web and software applications is keeping the image file size relatively low and creating images that are optimized and display correctly in the browser window. By obtaining the knowledge of when to apply the proper image format to a given situation and how to properly optimization images to decrease download times, developers can assure themselves that graphics used in their projects will be optimized for success.

Images for the Web
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I’ve talked a lot about the need for speed. Specifically, the importance of your web pages loading quickly. Images are the number one culprit. Like a vampire, they are seductive and at the same time suck the life out of your site. (By the way, since this article deals with images, I will be using some as examples and this will cause the pages to take a while to load.)

Keep Learning

“You must learn day by day, year by year, to broaden your horizons. The more things you love, the more you are interested in, the more you enjoy, the more you are indignant about–the more you have left when anything happens.” — Ethel Barrymore

Adding Text to Images

One of the most frequently asked questions by new webmasters is how to add text to their images. I have good news for everyone. It’s easy, so relax.

Optimizing Gif images for the web – Part II

In the previous article on optimizing GIF images for the web, we learned a few basic things about the GIF image format – who developed it, the (Limpel-Ziv and Welch) compression algorithm it uses and how we can decrease the file size of a GIF image by removing unwanted areas and reducing the number of colors.

Stretching Images

Most of the time stretching an image by setting incorrect image sizes within the HTML code would distort it horribly. Below is a review of the example comparisons from our related article, “Adding Text to Images: The Right Way“.