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Text vs Images

Cory Bates over at UseTube recently conducted a small usability study which focused on user experiences on 2 different pages (simple text based vs. graphical intensive). Both pages had corresponding call to actions and at the end of the study users rated their experiences.

Microsoft Just Doesn’t Get Marketing

In an attempt to be innovative on the mapping front Microsoft has created bird’s eye view 3D images of numerous cities.

Getty Images Under Pressure
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I’m sitting here listening to Jonathan Klein talk with a variety of bloggers. Thomas Hawk, CEO of Zooomr, and Kristopher Tate, Founder of Zooomr, a photosharing site are here too. So is Marshall from TechCrunch.

Third-Party Tagging: Next Stop, Google Groups?

I wrote earlier about Google’s effort to enlist users to tag images, in part through a competitive game that offers an incentive system.

Who has the best images of Google?

Heheh, a little cross-company smack talk going on over on the Virtual Earth blog.

Build and Protect Your Corporate Image(s) Online

If I were to start talking about optimizing content, most of our readers immediately conjure up visions of text words, words, words.

Best & Worst Lead Generation Offers for 2006

I’ve been quiet here for over a week, but not because I don’t have a ton of things to write about. Actually, I’m focused on getting a special project ready that I’ll be releasing to the world via this blog on August 1st. Stay tuned.

Web Design: Three Great Ways to Preload Images

If you want to preload images to your website, there are actually a few options available.

Preparing Your Images for the Web

This article is a check list of definition and advice on how images are seen, stored and named for a website.

Pixsy.com Scours RSS Feeds for Images

I’m not sure if publishers are going to like Pixsy.com or not, but the new image search engine hopes to index millions of thumbnail images collected from RSS feeds, according to CNET.

ZoneTag Can Geocode Photos

I had missed this earlier, but Yahoo recently rolled out a great new moblogging application called ZoneTag.

cNet Uses Google Earth Imagery in NFL Contest

cNet (news.com) has come up with another clever contest using imagery from Google Earth.. funny, I could have sworn that clipping and reposting images from Google Earth on a commercial website was against the terms of use??

Google Censorship Viewer

Want an easy way to view regular Google results side-by-side with censored Google China results?

Malkin Takes On Google With Images

Conservative columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin has launched an effort to collect various Photoshopped Google logos and other images that protest Google’s acceptance of government censorship in China.

The Cool New Thing From Steve Jobs? Um, No

Is this a preview of what’s coming later today from Steve Jobs? 😉 It’s ArtRage 2.

Google Ads Appear in Chicago Sun-Times

Jeremy Mullman has images of Google “Adwords” running in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Did Amazon Treat Artist Like A Crumb?

The reclusive R. Crumb has had his representatives file a lawsuit against Amazon.com for copyright infringement of his “Keep on Truckin'” image.

Web Images, Sons, Nail Bank-Robbing Dad

An Illinois man will be sentenced for a string of bank robberies; the trail leading to his arrest went through the Internet and his sons.

Runtime Support for GIF and PNG Files

Many of you are already familiar with Flash’s runtime support for SWF and JPG files. If this is new to you, runtime support simply means that you can load a SWF or JPG movie dynamically after the main Flash movie has been compiled. Flash 8 now allows you to load GIF and PNG files as well.

India: Stop Looking At Me, Google!

When you’re president of a nation whose mountainous borders are dotted with gunners out to kill you, directions to your house are the last thing you want to send them. Even though Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam spoke more on behalf of developing nations during his complaint to Google Earth, the 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament couldn’t have been far from his mind.

Blogs Gain With Hosted Images

Third-party image hosts have helped propel the growth in blogging, as their traffic increases along with it.