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The Pirate Bay Introduces New Image Hosting Site
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They’ve misattributed a quote and shown a disregard for law and order – but then, what did you expect of pirates?  The key thing is that a new, censorship-free image hosting site has launched, courtesy of the lads at The Pirate Bay.

Google Image Search Bests Others In Britain

In Britain, Google UK is king – no surprises there.  What’s interesting is that Google Image Search is also doing incredibly well, and a report from Hitwise (released earlier today) examines the relationship between the two.

B2B Social Media Marketing

We know that word of mouth is the best and most trusted form of marketing. Consumers love to hear from ‘someone just like me.’

New Google Image Search Categories

Last week a Google engineer told us “The next big thing for image search would be the ability to search based on visual concepts, such as a picture of a house on a mountain with a river in front of it.” And now, Google Images allows you to restrict your search to a specific category – albeit in an “unofficial” mode only – and one of these categories may well be powered by actual image recognition (as opposed to textual keyword analysis). Right now, the available modes are (at least) the following:

Google Software Engineer on Google Images

I’ve asked Google some questions in regards to their image search engine. Here are the answers by Radhika Malpani, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google.

Integrating Flickr Into Yahoo Search

Yahoo! Search Blog: Famous Landmarks Get the Flickr Treatment in Yahoo! Search The Yahoo Search Blog is reporting that Flickr has recently added thumbnails of Flickr images for popular domestic and international landmark searches into Yahoo Search.

Social Search – The Future of Image Search

[Disclaimer: I’m CEO of Zooomr, we are building both a social based image search system as well as a stock photography platform]

GoFish Wants You To Seduce A Celeb
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GoFish, a video site devoted for "made-for-Internet" (MFI) programming debuted a new interactive reality show yesterday called Seduce A Celeb. It’s still unclear, though, when the celebrities will actually appear on the show.

The Best Search Engine According to PC World

PC World has recently released the results of their "Search Engine Shoot-Out"

PC World

YouTube Stops John McCain’s Singing
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A political video featuring John McCain has been removed from YouTube, and MoveOn.org is not happy about it.  You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the group is trying to preserve free speech or let an opponent embarrass himself, but the matter speaks to larger issues in either case.

Cutting MyBlogLog Spam

Social traffic is fantastic because:

      • It’s highly targeted
      • It’s immediate
      • It’s low cost and often free

The downside is because of it’s interactive nature (which contributes to it’s virality), spam marketers will always try to flood you, and drown out your message with their spam.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Google Gadget Stats
Niall Kennedy did earlier this month an exhaustive analysis of Google Gadgets, coming out with a lot of graphs, facts and figures that would make your head spin. If you’re a geek for infoporn, you’ll love his post on it.

Baidu’s Image Search

Asian search competitor Baidu is funny. When you use their image search engine and click on a thumbnail, they’ll open a new page on their server which displays the large version of the image, with an additional link to the source page… an interesting interpretation of “fair use.” (There’s some sort of copyright notice on the page’s footer, though automatic translation programs fail to get the precise point across… part of it sounds like “This picture may be copyrighted.”)

Yahoo Losing Image Search War?

The Next Net: What’s Hot at Yahoo (And What’s Not) Over at blogs.business2.com they have an update on the year over year gain/loss for Yahoo search properties. I’m not sure I understand the methodology entirely, but one number that did stick out for me was that Yahoo! Image Search is down 3% year over year.

Translations and Image Search

Sometimes it’s helpful to translate a word in Google into other languages you don’t speak, and then search Google Images for it.

Accessibility: Alt Tag for Every Image?

Dear Kalena…

Your newsletter reply to one visitor included: "I would also avoid using more than 2 or 3 alt tags on a single page if you can help it." I designed and manage a site for a visually impaired friend who writes children’s books: www.gate.net/~labooks/francesindex.html

Thickbox – For Image Display and Slideshows
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One of my clients asked me to create an ‘image of the week’ page for them using whatever method I thought looked and worked best. I remembered seeing the JavaScript/Ajax tool Lightbox JS in another blog recently and thought that looked pretty cool, and had the capability of showing a slideshow as well, so I got it and installed it on my client’s home page.

Email Experience Council On Image Rendering

A new study by the Email Experience Council says that images and links in emails are often not visible because of email reader restrictions and coding errors. The EEC Rendering Report examined 1,000 emails from business-to consumer and business-to business to find out the renderability of the messages.

Case Study: 4iMedia Hidden Image Map Links

Kay Schnewerk’s 4iMedia.com is a German PR agency with clients from all walks of life, including (according to 4iMedia) the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Internet Explorer Unsafe For Most of 2006

It seems that every time Microsoft releases an update to its Internet Explorer browser, there’s a zero-day exploit waiting to be taken advantage of by hackers and identity thieves the world over.

Polar Rose Takes Big Step In Image Search

The term “work in progress” applies to almost everything in eBusiness, but it might be especially applicable to image search. Some big advances may come in the near future, however, courtesy of a Swedish company named Polar Rose. It has announced that it’s capable of “computing 3D portraits from 2D photos,” and that its software will be able to recognize the people in those photos.

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