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Yahoo Releases First Ever Android Apps

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger apps for Android. These are the first Android apps Yahoo has ever offered.

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Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Gets Over a Million Downloads in 5 Days

Microsoft launched its Windows Live Messenger app for the iphone last week. Today, the company has announced that in only five days, the app was downloaded by over a million people.

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Goober Thinks It Has the Better iPhone VoIP/IM Apps

Goober announced the availability of a new VoIP app and an IM app for the iPhone and iPod Touch this week. The company shared a few details with WebProNews about what makes its apps stand out from the competition.

"Goober, besides Skype, is the only company offering versatile and flexible flatrates," a Goober representative tells WebProNews. "The flatrate prices are about the same as Skype’s while the per minute rates are drastically lower."

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Yahoo Messenger Goes Video with New Version

Update: Yahoo Messenger 10 is now out of beta. Features include: high quality video calling, Yahoo Updates view of your contacts list, and availability in 16 languages.

Original Article: Yahoo Messenger Version 10 is now available in beta. New features include enhanced video calling, courtesy of GIPS, friend updates from Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, and others through the new updates view, and improved language support.

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Microsoft Celebrates Ten Years of Windows Live Messenger

Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft says it has become the most widely used free instant messaging service in the world, with 330 million users.

Windows Live Messenger

A spokesperson for Microsoft shared some interesting findings with WebProNews from a survey about Windows Live Messenger: 

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Another Texting Study Says Kids’ Language Skills Are Fine

I think perhaps in all times of technological, societal flux elders immediately worry about the skills and capabilities of the generations that follow. But I think the opposite happens: technology makes us better by stretching our capacities.

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Hope You Weren’t Too Attached to Twitter Instant Messaging

TwitterIt seems like Twitter is always acknowledging its shortcomings and apologizing for them. Some might take this as a weakness, but I tend to look at it admirably. Not many companies would be so straightforward when it comes to taking responsibility for their missteps.

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What Everybody Seems to be Missing About Google

I’m surprised that even Kara Swisher has missed this. The bloggers are going nuts, once again, over the email that a Google lawyer sent to Microsoft regarding Microsoft’s proposed purchase of Yahoo.

Here’s what’s really going on:

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Yahoo Messenger Hits The Web

Ubiquity and interoperability are the key features in the newly launched, web-based Yahoo Messenger client: it runs on multiple web browsers (including Opera, yay!) and can chat with Windows Live Messenger users.

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The IM Gap & Contextual Relevancy

As a 28 year-old writing professional, instant messaging is a foregone conclusion to the scope of my work. Every moment of my working day is spent logged in to the IM client that we employ to communicate with each other here in the office, as well as to get quick quotes and information from sources.

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Corporations Smackdown Users On Web Services

Security fears over viruses, bandwidth hogging, and the terror of violating government regulatory laws have prompted big business to put the squeeze on their staffer’s needs.

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