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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Tech Won’t Be Coming To The Xbox One Anytime Soon

Remember IllumiRoom? It was a concept Microsoft showed off earlier this year that would project the environment from a game beyond the TV display and onto the walls around it. It was incredibly cool and there was even talk of it showing up on the Xbox One. Well, don’t get excited yet as the technology probably won’t be available to …

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There Won’t Be A Subsidized Version Of The Next Xbox [Rumor]

One of the better deals in gaming today is a $99 Xbox 360 that’s subsidized with two years of Xbox Live. Rumors suggested that Microsoft would be doing the same with the next Xbox, but those plans may have been scrapped. Paul Thurrot reports that Microsoft has ditched its plans for a subsidized Xbox. The news comes from a recent …

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IllumiRoom Has The Potential To Be The Next Big Thing In Gaming

One of the coolest inventions shown at CES was IllumiRoom, a projector technology from Microsoft that would expand the gaming experience beyond the TV. In other words, it would display visuals from the game on the wall around the TV to create an immersive experience. The original demo released during CES only showed IllumiRoom in action. The new demo goes …

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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Takes Gaming Beyond the Edge of the TV Screen

Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s department for experimental computer science projects, has unveiled the “IllumiRoom,” a projector system that extends the action in video games beyond the edge of the TV screen. What’s most impressive about it is that it doesn’t require a flat white background to work properly. Microsoft is currently demoing the project at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). …

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