Facebook Blocks Popular iLike App

Facebook Blocks Popular iLike App

By Bruce Houghton November 17, 2009

Now that iLike owned by rival MySpace, Facebook is restricting some features of the iLike app on it pages. The move is bound to be unpopular with the 12 million users that have made iLike the #1 music app on Facebook. Over the last few days Facebook users who had installed the iLike app received this message:

iLike Launches Ad Platform And Full Song Playback

Music Web site iLike has introduced new features, including full song playback and a self-serve advertising platform.

R.E.M. Launching New Album On iLike

When someone suggested that Michael Stipe, the lead singer of R.E.M., release the band’s new album “Accelerate” on the social networking site iLike – he liked the idea. The move will make history and is another sign of the music industry’s loss of power.

The entire album will be streamed on the site a week before it is released to the public on April 1st. Hopefully the servers will hold up.

U2 Puts New Song On Facebook
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U2 may or may not support Facebook more than MySpace, Bebo, and all the other social networks out there.  But it apparently has ties to the creators of a Facebook app called iLike, and the famous band has, in any event, made a previously unreleased song available on Mark Zuckerberg’s site.

Bono Getting Jiggy with Facebook

Maybe it’s the future of music and maybe it’s not, but I think U2’s experiment with Facebook and the iLike widget is a pretty interesting move.

iLike’s Expanded Cross-Platform Marketing Tools
UPDATED: Yesterday music-based social networker iLike made marketing music via a multitude of social network and web sites a lot easier with new services that enable single source updating.

Music 2.0 Shifts To Facebook, Others Turn Up Volume

MySpace has been the hub of Music 2.0 promotion for more than a year, but recently Facebook has been stealing the social networking spotlight and the new music industry is following.

iLike Thrives Through Facebook

In olden times, the pope would often crown a new king.  These days, that duty sometimes falls to Facebook – iLike’s recent success has been attributed almost entirely to that one site.

iLike & Facebook Attached at the Hip

When Facebook — the social network everyone and their mom is on now — launched its new F8 “platform” initiative, one of the first to really take off was iLike.

From YouTube to iLike to iTunes

“Like” is the word of the week. After the launch of visual shopping search engine Like.com, earlier this week, comes news from TechCrunch that social music site iLike has added the ability to download music videos from YouTube to iTunes.