Add variables to standard CSS stylesheets in ASP.NET

Add variables to standard CSS stylesheets in ASP.NET

By Mads Kristensen October 16, 2006 | 1 Comment

After reading a post on The Cafes about the lack of dynamics in the CSS language, I found myself inspired to do something about it.

How Google Can Find Your Secret Page

Amazingly enough, some webmasters haven’t learned about Google yet, and how easy it is to retrieve pages that have been poorly protected from being viewed.

Enabling IIS 5.1 on Windows XP Pro

Windows XP Home Edition does not support IIS.

Installing PHP on IIS 5.1 (Windows XP Pro)

Before we begin any installation steps, the first thing we will need to do is download the PHP zip file from PHP.net (www.php.net/downloads.php). The version available at the time of this publishing is 5.1.4.

MaximumASP Teams Up With Microsoft

A Kentucky-based business is going to be Microsoft’s first partner to offer free beta test accounts featuring Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and Microsoft Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2. The company, MaximumASP, is a top provider of Windows-based hosting services.

IIS and ASP: Microsoft’s Server

Despite Microsoft’s dominance of everything to do with computers, their web server software sits on a relatively low 20% market share, thanks to the popularity of Apache.

Towards Next Generation URLs

For many years we have heard about the impending death of URLs that are difficult to type, remember and preserve.

Fundamentals of Web Site Acceleration

This paper outlines a common sense, cost-effective approach to lowering total cost of ownership and improving Web site and Web application performance according to two simple principles:

How to set up a 301 Redirect on IIS, Non-www Domain Name to www Domain Name

To further elaborate on a article I wrote: 301 Redirects And Domains With And Without WWW, I wanted to discuss the actual implementation of a 301 redirect on IIS.

New IIS Adopts Apache-Style Modularity

Microsoft has made IIS 7 much more like its popular, and some have said superior, open source competitor.

ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites Than any Other Web Server Technologies

A new survey of the 2005 Fortune 1000 Web sites reports that Microsoft’s ASP.NET, ASP, and Internet Information Services (IIS) serve the majority of leading U.S. corporate sites.

Does MSN Search Favor IIS-Hosted Sites?

Does Microsoft consider the server environment a site is hosted on when applying relevancy rankings for their search results? If this were indeed true, wouldn’t manipulation of this sort render their SERPs as biased and non-relevant?

Integrating/Improving Performances of Tomcat and IIS on Windows Server

IIS is Microsoft’s Internet Information Server running on Windows Servers family. Tomcat is world wide used web server built on Java platform for JSP/Servlets. Due to ease of operating and maintaining IIS in windows environment, we still prefer to buy the windows server and run IIS for websites and by default we run Tomcat on port 8080 as the default installation.

The ISAPI Execution Environment

This document bases on information and testing done with IIS 1.0. We have not re-tried it with later versions. However, we feel very comfortable with the information contained herein and think that it still is correct.

Fundamentals of Web Site Acceleration Part 1

This paper outlines a common sense, cost-effective approach to lowering total cost of ownership and improving Web site and Web application performance according to two simple principles:

Which Web Server Is “Winning”

A November 2003 survey published by the UK-based Internet services company Netcraft made the claim that the Apache Web server “has a significant percentage gain” over its chief rival, Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), and now controls over two-thirds of the global Web server market. Only days later, Port80 Software released a survey stating that “Microsoft IIS maintains dominance of the corporate Web server market” with 53.8 percent of the market. With two seemingly similar surveys drawing contradictory conclusions, clearly the question of whose software powers the majority of the Web server market demands a deeper examination.

Introduction to IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003 – Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of Internet Information Services 6.0 on Windows Server 2003. I have decided to write this series of articles aimed at Internet Information Services 6 on Windows Server 2003 as both a refresher for the IT professional that is familiar with designing, deploying and administering IIS 4 and 5 as well as allowing some of the newcomers to IIS services regardless of version to get their feet wet so to speak.