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Google Launches Gadget for Insights for Search

Google has introduced an iGoogle gadget for Insights for Search. It displays the top rising searches and top related searches on your Google home page. Users can change the settings to show results for a specific location, keyword, category, or source.

Popular Game Themes Come To iGoogle

Never mind money, search, and advertising for a minute.  Whether you go home every evening and power up a PS3 or just have fond memories of early arcade and Nintendo games, Google’s got something to bring a smile to your face as gaming themes for iGoogle have been unveiled.

Chatting from Your Google Homepage
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Gmail chat has come to iGoogle. This means users will be able to chat with their friends and associates without leaving the comfort of their Google homepage.

The feature is not a gadget like most of your iGoogle features. The chat feature comes in the form of a sidebar and resides below the left-hand navigation menu.

Google Mobilizes Gmail Tasks
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About two months ago, Google announced a new "Tasks" feature in Gmail Labs. the feature provides a window in Gmail similar to that of chat and lets you add tasks by simply clicking in the empty area and starting to type.

Now they are offering a mobile version of the feature for iPhones and Android devices. It is also accessible by any xhtml enabled phone.

iPhone Version of iGoogle Dropped
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Last year, Google was kind enough to tailor a specific version of its personalized homepage tool iGoogle, to the ever-popular iPhone. They even offered a video showing how nice and convenient it would be for iPhone users.

Google Pushing Charity Through iGoogle Themes
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Keeping within the Holiday spirit, Google is doing something a little more significant than helping track the path of Santa Claus. They’re offering a number of iGoogle themes for causes in an effort to spread awareness and raise donations.

They’re clearly taking it seriously because there is a link to them right from the front page of the search engine, and usually there is not a whole lot of change going on there aside from the occasional doodle.

The New and Improved iGoogle
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Google has rolled out a new version of homepage customizer iGoogle. They say they’ve rolled it out to all U.S. users, but that would include me, and I have seen no signs of it on my page, so apparently "all" is a little strong. Hopefully I will be included soon, because being a fan of iGoogle, I would find the new features quite useful.

Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, and Google
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Google announced a collection of new iGoogle themes from well-known artists today. Among them are: Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, Gucci, Burberry, Vera Wang, Bob Dylan, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, and more.

An interesting mix to say the least. Google explains:

Google Testing a Social iGoogle

If you haven’t tried iGoogle, Google’s personalized homepage, you’re not alone. But Google’s looking to spiff up their customizable homepages and testing has already begun, as Google Operating System reports—and it looks like they’re trying to make our foretelling of iGoogle as social network come true.

iGoogle’s Artist Themes

Google in the US is currently promoting a new “artist themes” section for iGoogle via a special logo and text below the search box.

Developers Asked To Play In iGoogle Sandbox

In a recent post that was about 125 words long, a Googler included the term "social" four times.  Keep Facebook, MySpace, and whatever else you like in mind, then, while learning about a new developer sandbox for iGoogle.

Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle Take A Misstep

Most posts on Google’s official blogs tend to either go unnoticed or be well-received.  A recent one announcing the release of Webmaster Tools Gadgets for iGoogle wasn’t so lucky.

iGoogle Themes Get A Directory
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Remember how, in the early days of consumer computers, so much attention was paid to backgrounds and screensavers?  iGoogle might have followed this trend, except that it’s often hard to come across different themes.  So now Google has gone and created an iGoogle themes directory.

iGoogle Now Available for Apple’s iPhone
Google’s kept its focus on enhancing its services with newer features and improvements every now and then.

Elections Gadget for iGoogle
A new gadget was created by the Google team for personalizing iGoogle’ homepage. The gadget will keep you up-to-date with all the big and small happenings related to the US elections, scheduled to take place in 2008.

Will Yahoo Mail & iGoogle Become Social Networks?

Yahoo has long realized that their strength laid in their already-strong web properties: their portal and their email service.

New Themes for iGoogle
Google has added five new interesting themes to its iGoogle homepage.

Google Redesigns Gadget Directory

The iGoogle gadget directory has been completely redesigned.

Google Webmaster Central Adds Subscriber Stats

Late last Friday, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog reported some additional features which included the ability for publishers to see the number of subscribers to their content.

Google’s New Home Homepage – iGoogle
Google has made its personalized homepage still better and named it iGoogle. The new homepage comes with a new look and many interesting features.

Users can add gadgets like Framed photo slides, Google gram, Daily Me, Free Form, You Tube Channel and Personal list by using the default iGoogle templates. Now it is easier to share photos, personal videos, posting blogs and sending messages on the web.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For iGoogle

I’ll start this article with a couple of disclaimers: this is not a new product, and Apple had absolutely nothing to do with it.  That said, behold iGoogle, the latest incarnation of the Google Personalized Home Page.

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