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StumbleUpon Update Gives Users Option To Hide That iFrame

Let it never be said that the StumbleUpon team doesn’t listen to its users. After considering the concerns of people that wanted an option to hide the StumbleBar, that omnipresent iFrame that floats above any site you’re browsing while logged into StumbleUpon, StumbleUpon has announced that users will now be able to hide the Stumblebar while signed into their account. …

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StumbleUpon Explains The New iFrame, Removal Of Direct Links

Concerning an article I wrote yesterday about StumbleUpon pushing their iFrame as well as eliminating any direct links that go back to the original content sources, StumbleUpon’s Direct of Communications, Mike Mayzel, got in touch with me to clarify the changes. After a few exchanged correspondences, here’s some more info on the Why for these changes: First, Mayzel points out …

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StumbleUpon Pushes Iframe & Gets Rid Of Direct Links

Even after their big facelift last year, StumbleUpon still isn’t done making changes to the their site. More and more, it seems that the social media site is paring itself down to as minimal as possible while still improving traffic and content for users. They’ll even tell you that they’re trying to create a customized Internet based on your personal …

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