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Kristen Wiig Singing Stuns Audience in New Show [Video]

Kristen Wiig is one of the most daring actresses today. Not content to be pigeon-holed as simply an SNL-alum “comedienne,” she has taken her absurd comic talent into territory that starts to feel downright serious. Wiig baffled onlookers when she and Will Ferrell starred in a Lifetime movie recently called A Deadly Adoption that almost everyone was sure was a …

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R. Kelly: New “Trapped In The Closet” Series “Not Of This World”

R&B singer R. Kelly is working on a follow-up to his controversial, multi-part musical “Trapped In The Closet”, which gained cult status after the videos went to DVD in 2005. The series, which started as five songs on his album TP.3 Reloaded and evolved into 22 “chapters” spanning two DVDs, tells the story of a one-night stand and how it …

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