IE7 Articles

IE7 Layout Complete Build Coming

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will be unwrapping a “layout-complete” version of Internet Explorer 7 at Mix 06 next week.

IE 7 Getting Some Props From Security Expert

Security expert Bruce Schneier is liking IE 7.

Internet Explorer Tip: Zooming With The Keyboard

The Internet Explorer blog tips that, besides using the handy status bar control in the bottom right corner, you can zoom in IE7 with just the keyboard.

Google Toolbar: Uninstalled

I had to make a decision today, and I believe I made the right one. Since I installed the Google Toolbar version 4, IE7 has been wonky.

Microsoft IE 7 Beta – Have you Tested it Yet?

Just an FYI, developers and hackers have been messing around with the latest web browser now in Beta from Microsoft, IE 7.

IE7 Bug Reports Start To Come In

The advantages of such a highly publicized beta: Lots of people noticing the quirks you might have missed in testing.

Whats In The IE7 EULA? Plus, Be Warned

Ina Fried at News.com writes about the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview End User License Agreement and a few interesting things within.

Run IE7 and IE6 In Parallel

Girl Geekette has instructions on how to install IE7 and keep IE6, letting you run both side-by-side on the same machine.

Upcoming Vista And IE 7 On The Net

With the release of the newest version of Windows, Vista, coming very soon, Microsoft has been talking a lot about the new operating system. In the midst of all this discussion though, a key part of it, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), currently in an internal beta format, surfaced on the net. Yet again, Microsoft seems to be exposed.

IE7 Beta 2 Will Have A9 OpenSearch

Microsoft has announced several new features for Internet Explorer 7, features that will be present in Beta 2.

Anti-Phishing Tool For IE7, Wait, IE6 Instead

Users of IE6 under Microsoft Windows XP SP2 will soon have a new security feature available for the MSN Toolbar.

IE7 Beta For Windows XP Reviewed

I just finished trying out Internet Explorer 7 (no thanks to Microsoft’s PR department), and while it is an evolution over IE6 (XP SP2), it is certainly no revolution.

What Default RSS Feeds will IE7 and Longhorn Carry?

What default RSS feeds will Internet Explorer 7.0 and/or Longhorn ship with? This is a one big outstanding question coming out of Gnomedex that right now does not have a clean and simple answer.

IE7 Tabbed Browsing Available Now For IE6
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Microsoft’s plan to finally add a feature found in many other browsers and add-ons comes to IE6 via the MSN Toolbar now.

Microsoft Bolstering IE7 Security Features

Beta testers and future users of the next update to Internet Explorer will have to be running Windows XP SP2, though.

Emerging Details About IE7

Mary Jo Foley writes about some of the emerging details about new IE7 – biggest revelation? Tabbed browsing…