Removing IE 7

Removing IE 7

By Jeremy Schoemaker February 18, 2007

Fun fun fun! I just spent the last 30 mins trying to figure out how to uninstall internet explorer 7 from my pc after finding out its incompatable with the few applications I even keep windows around for.

If you try to do it just by going to add/remove software you wont find it. Here is how you have to do it:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click Add or Remove Programs

3. Click Show Updates checkbox

4. Click whatever version of IE7 you have. For example "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview"

Adding Your Blog to IE7 Search Providers

Internet Explorer 7 comes with build in web search from the toolbar, just like Firefox have had for years now.

Upgrading to IE7 or Firefox?

Tony Ruscoe, so far an Internet Explorer user, upgraded to IE7 and wrote a review. Firefox is winning 4 to 0, thanks to issues like these:

What New Browsers Mean For Developers And SEOs

You may or may not have heard that new releases are here or about to be here for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

IE 7 vs. Firefox (IE 7 having trouble with Google sites?)
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Chris Messina, who used to work on Flock (an open source browser based on the same code that runs Firefox), says the beast has woken up. Beast being Microsoft.

IE7: Get Your Compatibility Profile!

Scott Graff, Program Manger for IE7 Compatibility, reports that the new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer will be released later this month, and will be delivered to Windows users via automatic updates in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 7 RC1

Microsoft made available the first release candidate version of Internet Explorer 7, which is expected to have its final release around the same time Windows Vista does.

IE7 Quick Reference Guide

The IE team has put together a great quick reference “cheat sheet” for Internet Explorer 7. It has all the keyboard shortcuts, including those for the new features. Some good ones:

IE7 Closer To CSS Compliance

Microsoft has the next version of its web browser ready for shipping, and the IE team detailed a number of changes and tweaks they have made to the browser to get it ready for debut.

DOJ Cold To Google’s IE7 Complaint
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The Department of Justice didn’t buy Google’s complaint that Microsoft’s 7th version of Internet Explorer violated antitrust measures by setting MSN Search as the default search engine, bundled with next year’s release of Windows Vista. Having worldwide dominance in search probably didn’t help Google’s case.

Justice Unworried About IE7 Search

Google had complained to US and European antitrust regulators about Microsoft including a search box with MSN Search as the default in Internet Explorer 7, but the Department of Justice had no problems with the feature.

Just When I Was Warming up to IE7…

I couldn’t get the first public beta release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 7 to install on my PC.

Google Complains To Feds About IE7

Google has given its new lobbyists in Washington DC something to do, as the company expressed concern to both the Justice Department and the European Commission about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 having MSN Search as its default search engine.

IE Team Responds to NYT Article

This morning on Memeorandum there are dozens of bloggers reacting to a New York Times article about IE 7.

Some Backlash On Google Vs. IE7

Looks like I’m not the only one to call shenanigans at Google’s hypocritical complaint against IE7’s search box, while earning millions off Firefox and Opera’s search boxes.

IE7: Good for Users, Good for Developers

Like quite a few people, I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 that Microsoft released as part of broadening out their beta testing programme of the new browser version to as wide an audience as possible. I like it and, compared to the earlier beta, it seems pretty stable.

New IE7 Feedback Site

The IE team has started up a feedback site for submitting and tracking bugs for Internet Explorer 7, inspired by Mozilla’s Bugzilla.