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LinkedIn Partners With IDG On New Group Programs

LinkedIn has announced a new partnership with IDG Communications to offer IT vendors and marketers new ways to engage wit LinkedIn members. The IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions group will provide services for marketing programs and offerings, building on existing LinkedIn capabilities. “Based on a study LinkedIn conducted last year, LinkedIn has found that IT professionals are increasingly turning to social …

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General Electric and Apple

General Electric is a company that has been around for 120 years and has a reputation synonomous with houshold appliances and lightbulbs. Executives at the company report that one of their largest challenges is convincing their workforce that they are modern and hip to new technology. Testing the support of Apple products in the office, GE began a program last …

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Turning Away From Print Works For IDG

Shifting to an online-only setup is often a last resort for newspapers and other print publications; it’s seen as an admission of defeat.  IDG, however, has found the online environment to be a welcoming and lucrative place.

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