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Dell’s IdeaStorm: Social Media in Motion

When most companies decide to embrace social media, they usually use it as a vehicle to market new products and services, while at the same time seeking transparency. When Dell launched its IdeaStorm website, it departed from the normal “this is what we’re doing” message that most company blogs transmit.

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Dell Confirms Linux Offerings

Several weeks ago, rumors began swirling about Dell’s potential plan to begin offering its customers a choice between Windows or Linux operating system for PCs and notebooks.

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Linux Option for Dell PCs?

Reports have surfaced throughout the blogosphere that Dell may be considering offering its customers the choice of a preinstalled Linux distribution when purchasing new PCs from the company.

The speculation stems from Dell’s IdeaStorm website, where the discussion surrounding the possibility of Linux distribution and support is currently dominating the community consciousness.

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Dell IdeaStorm – Ultimate Customer Feedback Example

Dell IdeaStorm, which launched earlier this month, is the ultimate example of Seth Godin-style “take something good, innovate, and make it great” thinking.

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Dell Goes Digging For Compliments

The PC maker unveiled two new elements of its digital media strategy over the weekend, as they seek user-created videos showing how people use their products, and a Digg-like message board where people can make and vote on suggestions for Dell.

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IdeaStorm – Will Lightning Strike?

I think it’s great that Dell has come out with IdeaStorm, a suggestion site inspired by Digg (and that inspiration is explicily admitted on the site, unlike Yahoo’s recently launched suggestion sites, which caused such a ruckus because they were supposedly a “ripoff” of Digg). And like Rob Hyndman, I think the name is great too.

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