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When To Let Go Of Your Website Designing Ideas

As hard as it may be, letting go of your website designing ideas and listening to the customer may actually be of benefit in the long run.

Building a creative company: Embrace new ideas

A creative company is a must in today’s highly competitive business environment. To build that innovative business, it takes courage on the part of management.

Blogiversary Celebration Ideas

Blogs have birthdays. Or is it blogs have anniversaries? In any case, blogiversaries are a rapidly growing phenomenon on the internet.

Blog Posting Ideas: Seeking the Throwaway

Blog posting ideas, or the lack thereof, are a constant source of anxiety for many bloggers.

Overcoming Groupthink: Invite Creative Ideas

You are probably familiar with the concept of groupthink. It’s where all members of a meeting, a task force, or even an entire company hold the same opinion on a topic.

UK is a hotbed of Hidden Talent for Entrepreneurial Ideas

People across the UK want to throw off the shackles and start putting money into their own pocket rather than their employers.

Rethinking the Web OS from a User’s Point of View

When Tim O’Reilly and others began using the term “Web OS” (or sometimes Internet Operating System) to talk about the evolving landscape of companies and web services, I was skeptical.

Google Warms Up A Summer Of Code

The search advertising company will support another Summer Of Code this year, where Google provides student developers with stipends to create new open source programs or to help currently established projects.

10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas
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Traffic, everyone wants it and is trying really hard to get more people to their site. Good news, there are creative ways to bring people in without doing a lot of work.

Goofus & Gallant: Business Ideas

Seth Godin’s book, Free Prize Inside, looks at creating “ideas that make our products and services remarkable.”

Blog Post Ideas: The Link Roundup

Blog posting ideas present an ongoing challenge for even the most experienced and creative bloggers.

SFGate.com’s New RSS Reader

There are tons of good ideas flowing in response to my writer’s block call for help. Keep them coming!

When Committees Suck the Life Out of Great Ideas

A few days ago, I saw a nice graphic on the Creating Passionate Users blog which was intended to illustrate Death by risk-aversion:

Small Ideas, Big Companies

Turns out in the past hour I’ve met strategists from eBay, Yahoo, Amazon. They are here to see the small ideas. Some of them are pretty cool.

Discovering Windows Live

Light blogging until the weekend as I’ll be in London tonight for the first UK preview of Microsoft’s Windows Live.

Sports Marketing Vice-President Shares Ideas

Laurel Lindsay is the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team Vice-President of Consumer Marketing.

Microsoft Incubating Ad Ideas

Video hyperlinking and other technologies occupy the thoughts of developers and engineers in Microsoft’s new Beijing-based adLab, a digital advertising research facility.

Clueless BrandWeek Magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients?

Blog Posts: Out of Topic Ideas?

Blog posts use up all of your best ideas. Right? You dream up the concept for your latest literary or technical masterpiece of a post, you write it into the blog posting interface, publish it, and voila.

Protecting Your Ideas And Stopping People Ripping You Off

We have all had that Eureka moment when we think we have thought of something new. Sometimes we think there may even be a viable business behind it. So how do you go about protecting that idea, particularly if it is so fundamental and integral to the success of your business model?

Great Ideas And Tips For Entrepreneurial Success From Jeff Bezos Of Amazon.com

For ten years the world has been watching with Awe and Admiration the Phenomenal success of Jeff Bezos the Founder and CEO of Amazon.com.