Blog Search Engine Comparison

Blog Search Engine Comparison

By Robert Scoble January 30, 2007 | 1 Comment

OK, let’s look again at blog search engines. It’s been just about an hour since Seagate’s news went up.

Mark Cuban’s Lessons for Revolutionaries

Regulars here know that I am a huge Mark Cuban fan.

Mark Cuban On Splogs And BlogSpot

The man behind the IceRocket blog search engine wrote in to clarify how they are dealing with spam blogs, and IceRocket’s stance on Google’s Blogger hosting service.

Mind The Conversation Gap

Over the past several months I have travelled around the country, meeting with senior marketers at some of the biggest global companies on the planet.

Following On-Line Conversations is Hard Work!

“Markets are conversations” That phrase comes from the Cluetrain Manifesto and appears frequently in blog postings and comments.

IceRocket Tests Out Link Tracker For Blogs

Asking the question, “how many bloggers love me?” may be a self-esteem reducing exercise, but IceRocket thinks you should know. For IceRocketeer Mark Cuban, the more commonly used method for rating a blog’s popularity, counting the number of links to it, is lacking. A truer method is counting the number of visitors, which is why IceRocket is working out the kinks in its new linktracker feature.

IceRocket Ices BlogScour Rumors

Last week, it was reported that IceRocket was to become BlogScour, but it turns out that the information was false. IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes told SearchEngineJounal the facts.

Blog Search Will Soon Be Extinct

You may have noticed there’s a big space race going on to build the best blog search engine.

IceRocket to Become BlogScour

Looks like billionaire Mark Cuban and the folks at IceRocket have been paying attention to the Technorati debacle. They’re exchanging one odd name for anotherIceRocket will soon become BlogScour.

IceRocket And Answers.com Partner Up

In one of the more unique partnerships of the search industry and blogosphere, two seperate search entities are forming a partnership which would direct the appropriate traffic (blog search or questions asked) to the correct search engine.

Cluelesstrain: PR Blogging Practices

The Cluelesstrain has had a long run in the past five years. First, the train had to pull into the Online Practice in 1999.

Mark Cuban backs Search Engine IceRocket

Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, is backing a new Internet search engine called IceRocket. It’s mixing its own search technology with “metasearch” features.