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Apple’s @iBookStore Account Retweets Salty Tweet

In what is most likely a case of the ol’ personal vs. business Twitter account login switcheroo, Apple’s official iBookstore Twitter account retweeted and then quickly removed a tweet containing an obscene phrase. Early Monday morning, the official @iBookstore account retweeted a tweet that said “Let me suck a dick and tell you how much I love introspective novels.” The …

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Apple Launches iBookstore In Japan With Exclusive Titles

During the iPad Mini event last year, Apple announced native Asian language support would be coming to iBooks. Now iOS fans in Japan can take more advantage of this native support as the iBookstore has made its way over to the island nation. Apple announced this morning that the iBookstore has officially launched in Japan. Much like the launch of …

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iBooks Author Books Can Only Be Sold Through iBookstore

Apple’s announcement yesterday of iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U signaled the company’s desire to revolutionize both the textbook industry in particular and education in general. While reactions to the announcement have been largely positive, some controversy has sprung up concerning iBooks Author. The Mac app is a tool that allows users to produce e-books quickly and easily, and …

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