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IAC Jimmies The Ask CEO Office

A management reorg at Barry Diller’s IAC has Match.com’s former CEO Jim Safka heading up the Ask.com division, with outgoing CEO Jim Lanzone heading for the world of venture capital.

Ask Settles Click Fraud Suit

Advertisers who purchased advertising from IAC or Ask between August 2005 and the present are eligible for reimbursement due to a click fraud settlement between Ask and Lane’s Gifts and Collectibles.

IAC Partners With Brightcove

IAC/Interactive Corp has entered into an agreement with online video syndication service Brightcove to create and distribute video online for IAC brands.

IAC Looks To AOL, Gaming

A recent interview with IAC chief Barry Diller revealed a couple of interesting tidbits: the possibility of an IAC-owned AOL; and the potential of online gaming.

IAC Splits; HSN, Ticketmaster, LendingTree Spun Off

InterActiveCorp (IAC) has just announced that it will divide up the media conglomerate into five businesses.

Reuters reports IAC will keep Ask.com, Match.com, Evite, Citysearch, and Excite, while spinning off its HSN home shopping network, Interval time-share business, Ticketmaster ticket service, and its mortgage referral business LendingTree.

IAC Extends Google Search Ad Deal

Barry Diller isn’t ready to say goodbye to Google, unlike the four IAC properties that will be spun off by the organization.

IAC Shatters Into Five Pieces

Ticketmaster, Interval, Lending Tree, and the Home Shopping Network will be spun off IAC, leaving the group to exist as five separate publicly traded companies.

IAC: Ask.com Growth Offset By Lending Tree

Search & Media performed well for IAC, but the continued troubles in the housing market reduced the impact of Ask’s gains.

Ask-Google Ad Deal Could Expire

It’s always odd to see rivals working together, but in at least one case, that strangeness could cease to exist; Ask and Google may not renew an ad deal that will expire in less than four months.

IAC Dumps DoubleClick For Atlas

A little shake-up in the advertising serving business took place when IAC switched its account from Google’s object of desire, DoubleClick, to Atlas.

Ask Ads Attack Algorithm Apathy
· 1

People will see a nine-figure advertising campaign emerge from IAC as they spend $100 million of Barry Diller’s money to try and make Ask.com a search habit on the Internet

Zwinktopia:IAC’s Procrastination Heaven
· 3

It’s a good thing I’m writing this instead of speaking it; no self-respecting 30-year-old man could bring himself to say "Zwinky" out loud – unless you work for Interactive Corp., where it’s you’re job to talk about Zwinktopia, a virtual online world that launched today.

Contextual Ads Added to Ask Sponsored Listings
The 30,000 advertisers using Ask Sponsored Listings just received a new channel for displaying their ads as IAC has announced the launch of a contextual advertising channel.

Personalize, Don’t Pander, With Unique Content

Everyone likes to feel special, but feeling singled out is a different thing entirely.  Several companies seem to have failed to make that distinction in recent days, and now IAC/Ask, Acclaim, and American Airlines are paying the price for it in the public’s eye.

IAC Stakes A Bet On CollegeHumor.com

Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp picked up the majority stake in ConnectedVentures, the parent company of naughty humor site CollegeHumor.com.

CEO Of CIA VC Firm Resigns

In-Q-Tel, a venture capital company associated with the CIA and other components of the espionage world, saw its CEO Amit Yoran resign after just four months on the job.

IAC Asks Lanzone To Be CEO

Ask.com senior VP and general manager Jim Lanzone has been tapped to take over the big office at the search engine now that erstwhile CEO Steve Berkowitz has bailed out of the company in favor of David Cole’s old MSN position at Microsoft.

Brightcove Networks With AOL, IAC Cash

Video startup Brightcove gets an early Christmas present with an infusion of $16.2 million and brings IAC chairman Barry Diller onto its board of directors.

AskJeeves Automated Ads Available August 15th

A new service called Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings will become available to all advertisers on Monday.

IAC Completes Ask Jeeves Acquisition

Earlier this year, March to be exact, it was announced that never-say-die search engine Ask Jeeves was being acquired by IAC, the owner of other lucrative Internet properties like Ticketmaster and Expedia.com.

MySpace Is Now FoxSpace
· 1

Okay, so NYT bought About.com – which is basically just a form of citizen journalism. Okay, so IAC bought AskJeeves, and in the process got the much beloved Bloglines.

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