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David Cassidy Sentenced in 2013 Drunk Driving Case

David Cassidy–1970s heartthrob and star of The Partridge Family–was sentenced on Tuesday in a 2013 drunk driving case. He was arrested while driving in upstate New York. The Associated Press reports that in addition to a $900 fine, David Cassidy was sentenced to 50 hours of community service, a six-month license suspension, installation of an ignition interlock device to prevent …

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David Cassidy Arrested for Drunk Driving–Again

David Cassidy was arrested back in August as shown in the featured video for drunk driving. He was arrested in L.A. on Friday evening for drunk driving yet again. The 63-year-old singer and former star of The Partridge Family TV show blew a .19–which is twice the legal limit. He was administered an alcohol test by the California Highway Patrol. …

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