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MS Video HyperLink Technology Showcasing Kohl’s

Here’s some cool news.

It looks like Microsoft is now starting to implement its adCenter Labs Video HyperLink Technology with real world clients. The first signs of this come this week as MSN Entertainment shows of Kohl’s department store using the Video HyperLink Technology, which is an interactive video tool which provides more information about objects in a video when you click or even hover on them.

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If You Link, You Face The Clink

In Australia, the second highest court has ruled a website and the ISP hosting it committed copyright infringement when the website linked to songs hosted on other sites.

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US Passes Misleading Hyperlink Law

The US Congress passed a bill into law this week aimed at protecting children from online predators. The law dictates how hyperlinks and domain names leading to sexual content may be presented. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 prohibits “misleading” domain names and links.

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When and How to Hyperlink To an Area On the Same Page

You know how to create a standard hyperlink, right? If not, here is a quick review:

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