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50 Cent Debuts New Video For ‘Hustler’

Rapper 50 Cent has been hustling throughout his life, and he raps about just that with the debut of his new music video for his song entitled “Hustler”. The 38-year-old rapper from Southside Jamaica, Queens, debuted his song Monday on New York’s …

Larry Flynt on Shooter: “I Don’t Want to Kill Him”
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While some people would want nothing more than to see the person who made an attempt on their life die, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt feels quite differently. Flynt has spoken out about the pending death of the man who shot …

Larry Flynt Offers $1M For Dirt Larry Flynt Offers $1M For Dirt
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Larry Flynt, “free speech activist,” pornography baron and publisher of Hustler Magazine took out a full page ad today in The Washington Post, offering $1 million dollars for “information about infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption concerning a current United States …