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Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Carry a Gun Because of His Daughter

Jeremy Renner used to be afraid of guns. That’s what the star tells Playboy in a recent interview. But nowadays he is quite comfortable with them. Renner has starred in numerous films that required him to handle weapons, including The Hurt Locker and his one-off Bourne Legacy film. Now he likes them. But he won’t carry one. “For me it’s …

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Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Breaks Record

Just two weeks ago, a lawsuit targeting the Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables set the record for largest file-sharing suit ever. It targeted roughly 23,000 BitTorrent users who downloaded the movie between February and March of this year. That record has already been broken. Last year Voltage Pictures, makers of the Academy-award-winning The Hurt Locker, joined up with U.S. …

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