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Tropical Storm Bertha Might Miss US Eastern Coast

Everyone on the Eastern coast of the United States should keep their fingers crossed: Early projections of the path of Tropical Storm Bertha has it quite possibly missing the United States. It’s true that projections are merely educated guesses, but as hurricane season continues it’s not wrong to hope for as little damage as possible. Bertha is the second named …

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Tropical Storm Arthur Might Ruin Holiday Weekend

People across the US are no doubt gearing up for Fourth of July weekend, a time filled with barbecues, fireworks, and rivers of beer flowing freely. Unfortunately, it looks like Mother Nature may be looking to rain on quite a few parades. Literally. The first big storm of the Atlantic hurricane season is moving steadily closer to Florida. Tropical storm …

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Tropical Storm Amanda Turns Into Hurricane Amanda, Kicks Off 2014 Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Amanda is now officially Hurricane Amanda, the first hurricane of the 2014 pacific season. The National Hurricane Center released this bulletin giving the latest updates of Amanda: AT 800 AM PDT…1500 UTC…THE EYE OF HURRICANE AMANDA WAS LOCATED NEAR LATITUDE 11.4 NORTH…LONGITUDE 109.9 WEST. AMANDA IS MOVING TOWARD THE WEST-NORTHWEST NEAR 5 MPH…7 KM/H. A TURN TOWARD THE …

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